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A Real-Life Spy Party

Will sent me a funny article the other day that is somewhat literally related to SpyParty.  Here are some choice snippets: Britain’s Spies Plan to Party Like 007 When MI-6 Turns 1-0-0 Guest List and Menu for Its Black-Tie Fete Are Hush-Hush, but Spooks Must Go Dutch By STEPHEN FIDLER LONDON — In the Hollywood […]

Spies Are Cool

Spies—at least, fictional spies—are unquestionably cool. Even spies who aren’t quite at the pinnacle of awesomeness, where our friend James here hangs out, are still pretty cool and interesting. Over the development of SpyParty I’ve gathered some visual references for various spies, detectives, and similar mysterious characters. It’s neat to see the diverse range of […]