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Public SpyParty Tournament in Austin, TX, Tomorrow, Friday 6/21!

Edit: This happened, and here are pictures to prove it! Davey Wreden of The Stanley Parable, Robin Arnott of Antichamber’s sound design and SoundSelf, and Eduardo Ortiz of Apotheon’s sound design are throwing a SpyParty party and tournament in Austin, TX, tomorrow, at the Indiecade Annex, 1310 Broadmoor Drive, 8pm to midnight! It’s open to the public and […]

Full Commentated Live Casting for Tournament Finals, January 19th, 7pm PST!

Update:  Here’s the video of the finals match between  james1221 and bl00dw0lf with the full commentary!1 I am ludicrously excited about this!  If you follow this blog and SpyParty on Twitter or Facebook,2 you probably know I’ve been really interested in live streaming recently.  In fact, just the other day I set up the SpyParty Streams Notifier and I’m writing […]

SpyParty New Years Cup Tournament Starting Tonight!

I have a lot of bigger posts queued up, but since this is time-sensitive, I wanted to quickly post that SpyParty beta tester insight‘s New Years Cup is starting tonight, with a match between darwin and drawnonward, and will be streamed live at 1am US PST (GMT-8) at You can also sign up for […]