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SpyParty’s Indie Friends at PAX West 2011

As I mentioned previously, the SpyParty booth at PAX West 2011 (lucky number 3002) is going to be home to some wacky shenanigans involving various experiments on you, the PAX attendees.  The first is the depth-based-gameplay experiment of having an unlimited time playtest station…will it end in tears? I hinted at the second experiment at […]

SpyParty at PAX West 2011 – Going for Depth

Beta, what beta?  Let’s talk about PAX West 2011,1 which is now only slightly more than one week away.  Yikes! Once again, SpyParty has a booth, but as evidenced by my previous two PAXes, apparently I have to do it differently each time.  So, here’s the deal this time around… SpyParty has its own booth […]

The 707s Are Away!

I sent out the 707 emails just now. If you subscribed on this site before 2011/05/10 and you didn’t get a mail from asking you to re-confirm your Early-Access Beta registration, check your spam folder. Since sending the mails a few minutes ago, 31 people (including me) have re-confirmed.  Oh, here’s the email if […]

SpyParty Early-Access Beta Pricing

Sorry I’ve been so quiet here and there, I’ve been heads-down working on the Early-Access Beta.  I’m obviously way behind on my original estimates of “mid-June”,1 and I apologize for that, but I’m getting closer, really I am!  I’m super honored so many people have signed up to support SpyParty’s development and to help playtest […]