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PAX Countdown, Day 12 – Wrestling with Maya

This is one of the continuing PAX Coundown series, if you want all the gory details from the start, you can begin your journey here. Yesterday was all about fighting with Maya, and mostly losing. Maya is the main 3D modeling and animation tool we use,1 and modern characters and the tools to create and […]

PAX Countdown, Day 13 – Drink Events and Animation Offsets

This is the first PAX Countdown post. I am going to try to do a brief post on our progress daily, or thereabouts. I meant to post this in the morning, but then more animation stuff blew up and we had to figure out a workaround.  Whee!!! I leave for PAX West/Prime/Seattle on August 27th. […]

Check Out The New Characters Animating!

We recently revealed the latest five SpyParty characters in the new art style, and now you can see a video of them talking and hanging out in conversations! ZeroTKA did the video in Maya, but with plain old hardware rendering like the game uses, so they’re not quite in the game yet, but you can see […]

SpyParty at Day of the Devs

Yesterday we did a fun thing in San Francisco: DoubleFine and iam8bit were kind enough to invite us to set up SpyParty at their Day of the Devs party, along with a bunch of other indie friends, including Supergiant and Capy. We shared a room with Hohokum and Destructomundo, and everybody had a great time! Some press came by to […]

Next SpyParty Masterclass Episode, Wednesday, 4pm Pacific!

The next episode of the SpyParty Masterclass will be streamed tomorrow, Wednesday, October 30th, at 4pm Pacific time! As you will recall from the pilot episode writeup featuring r7stuart,  the SpyParty Masterclass is the streaming show where I get the elite players to mentor me in-game and on-stream, so I can learn to suck a little less at the video […]