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GDC 2010: Developers Playtest SpyParty

As I mentioned before, I playtested the hell out of SpyParty at GDC this year.  I tried to take pictures of everybody playing, while simultaneously taking copious notes, as one should while people are playing your game.  Since I’m doing the depth first design methodology, the game required a fair bit of explaining to get […]

28 Comments Rescued, Bonus Anecdote

So, the wp-recaptcha plugin I use for spam protection in wordpress freaked out when I upgraded the blog to wordpress 2.9.2 the other day, and started marking all the incoming comments as spam automatically, which was very helpful, especially right before all the press coverage for SpyParty this week.1  I could not figure out why […]

SpyParty @ GDC 2010, Prelude

I am still barely functional after a long GDC, but I playtested the heck out of  SpyParty at the show, and I took a bunch of pictures of everybody playing, so I’ll be posting those soon.   In the meantime, here’s a teaser: PS.  WordPress is totally fired for not allowing links in image captions without […]

The Littlest Playtester

Jonathan Blow has finally started up the development blog for The Witness, his new game post-Braid, and he’s currently talking about the rendering technology and aesthetic he’s working towards.  Jonathan and I often do “Indie Game Work Days” together (which we steadfastly refuse to call “coworking days”), where I’ll work on SpyParty and he’ll work […]