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A Beta Chat Log and The Current Leaderboard

One of the best things about finally having regular players in your game’s beta is you get to watch the server logs for bugs, or just snoop on your players chatting with each other before and after games.  In fact, this is so addictive, and you learn so much about how your game really works […]

The Welcome Post and Tutorial Video From the Beta Forums

This is the Welcome post for the SpyParty Early-Access Beta forums, including the tutorial video I recorded last night, which will hopefully help the complete newbs I’m about to invite in from getting frustrated (and shot). Welcome to the SpyParty Early-Access Beta! This welcome post is going to be a living document, which is to say I’m probably going […]

How to Report Bugs the SpyParty Way

I just wrote this post for the Bugs subforum on the Early-Access Beta site.  I figured you all would be interested in reading it, since you’re all going to be invited into the beta soon.1 Finding and reporting bugs is a learnable skill, and you don’t have to be a programmer or even a particularly […]