PAX 2018 Photo Gallery

I’m up to 2018 in my PAX picture gallery backlog clearance!  I had to ask in the SpyParty Discord what we revealed at PAX 2018 because time has no meaning and I’d completely forgotten.  It turns out it was the Teien venue, the blog post about which I would normally link here, but writing this has made me realize I never even posted about it?!  I will need to rectify that, and talk about the “Occlusion Venues Experiment” with Teien, Redwoods, and Aquarium.  At the very least you can see all the players/booth volunteers playtesting it for the first time at the start of the image gallery. Longtime player Cleetose also 3D-printed a bunch of the guests, which was super cool.  Oh, and we had super fancy buttons for sale, which I’d love to eventually sell online!

As usual, I’ll post the list of amazing booth helpers after I get it from the amazing Steph!  The list:  Cleetose, Wodar, Lthummus, KrazyCaley, InEdibleCake, Cameraman, WarningTrack, Courtney, Clementine, CanadianBacon, Mrrgrs, Virifaux, Slappydavis, IgoUnseen, John, Yeesh, KCMmmmm, Skrewwl00se, Steph, Sharper, Aforgottentune, Drawnonward, Pwndnoob, Turnipboy, Nanthelas, and Zebramf.

The 2019 post is going to be a bit weird, because I wasn’t there the whole time, so we’re going to crowdsource the photos from fans.  If you happen to have photos of the PAX booth in 2019 and don’t mind me sharing them (with credit, of course), post on the SpyParty Discord and let us know!

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