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More Playtests, More Tasks

Last Thursday we did a small playtest, the second so far in the Early-Access Beta!  This time it was Rachel, Lauren, Ian, and me, and we played and chatted (and restarted after crashes) for a little over 3 hours. As it should, the playtest generated a ton of tasks, but this time I actually fixed […]

The First Beta Playtest

Late Sunday night, I was looking at the lobby server logs, and saw a login from “rachel” but no logout.  Uh oh, I thought, this must be a bug, since with only 9 people invited into the Early-Access Beta so far, the chance of actually finding another person in the lobby without making a pre-arranged […]

The Near-Term Early-Access Beta Rollout Plan

I still do not have my $14.26 from PayPal.  But, I have fixed most of the bugs that Jonathan Blow—the first official SpyParty Early-Access Beta invitee—found, so I guess I’m not going to wait for PayPal1 and hope things are working now. There have been a lot of questions here on the blog, on Twitter, […]

The First Early-Access Beta Invite Is Away

A 11:47:53 pm, February 15th, 2012, the first SpyParty Early-Access Beta invitation was sent across the internet.  I was typing into a laptop at my dining room table in Oakland, California.  I typed the necessary commands into an ssh window, which was connected to a server in Texas.  A perl script generated an invitation email […]