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object.h is dead, long live object.h!

Ugh, sorry for the lack of updates, I feel like I’ve been clawing my way through a giant pile of manure and have barely gotten my head out into the air. If you recall, my current task on SpyParty has been to get the folks at the party to be able to pick things up, like […]

A couple interviews…

Martin Davies from PC Gamer UK just posted an interview with me to accompany his SpyParty preview in the print magazine where I talk a bit about some of the aesthetic goals for the game and how it got started: And, Alice Bonasio from The Escapist posted an interview/article about games as an art form and […]

SpyParty in PC Gamer UK Issue 214

According to this, the new PC Gamer UK has a SpyParty preview? Anybody have a scan of it? Update: As you can see in the comments, Simples was awesome and scanned it for us!