Day of the Devs 2016 Photos

I’m almost through all of my archived photos!  Here we have the pictures from Day of the Devs 2016, an awesome free one-day show in San Francisco organized by DoubleFine and iam8bit.  As I wrote about previously, Day of the Devs is like a PAX-lite, where we can playtest the game and meet a bunch of folks, but drive there instead of fly, and not die because it’s only one day.  Day of the Devs is for unreleased games, and I think SpyParty was the game with the longest tenure there, but eventually they decided even if I hadn’t officially shipped we’d had enough repeats, and I think 2016 was our last year there as a booth, but I love the show so go as an attendee now.1

This was a particularly fun Day of the Devs for us, because KrazyCaley and Drawnonward, two old-timers and SpyParty Discord moderators (whom we call Double Agents) drove up from southern California.  As usual, Slappydavis drove down for it, this time bringing a friend to help in the booth.  Cleetose lives right near me so he’s also on booth duty by default.  I also had Christian Strohm—an aspiring indie game developer friend who I randomly met when he was working at Art’s Automotive in Berkeley—come help out at the booth.  Plus, in addition to John and Alice, Reika brought her friend BerBer.  It was a Bay Area team effort!

  1. when there isn’t a pandemic []

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