PAX 2019 – It Takes a Village

And we finally arrive at PAX 2019, the last one to host a SpyParty booth until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control.  Hopefully next year?  Get vaccinated, please!

PAX 2019 started out fairly normal, as you can see in the first gallery of picures below.  We were playtesting the Redwoods venue that year, and the booth setup went pretty smoothly.


The new Redwoods venue! Photo credit: lthummus

However, I ended up having a family emergency and had to fly home the morning of the first day! Luckily, John and Alice and the volunteers all stepped up and took over all the booth duties, including selling and turning the booth on and off every day and even breaking it all down and getting it into storage.  Under normal circumstances I am incredibly grateful to everybody for helping with the booth, but 2019 was a new level of amazingness and I can’t thank them all enough.

My hasty exit also left a distinct lack of pictures on my camera.  Once again the community came together to help out, and so in addition to my photos, Steph, Cleetose, Wodar, and WarningTrack all supplied galleries below, so check them all out.

Here is Steph’s complete list of booth helpers that saved my butt in 2019:  Steph, Cleetose, Wodar, KCMmmmm, Yeesh, Warningrack, Courtney, Pwndnoob, CanadianBacon, Nanthelas, Plastikqs, Maxedwardsnax, Opiwrites, Aforgottentune, Lthummus, Cameraman, Slappydavis, Virifaux, Mrrgrs, Turnipboy, Star, DeJoker, Reika, John, Alice, KrazyCaley, Monaters, Inediblecake, and Drawnonward

First up are my photos, which are basically just setup and the very start of opening day:

Next we have Steph’s pics:

Cleetose uses a better camera than I do:

Wodar had a lot of shots of everybody hanging out after the show floor closed, but also got some good ones of the booth:

WarningTrack got a bunch of setup and Redwoods testing pics:

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