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Content Package Subsystem Working

Hallelujah, task #354 of 13,8771 for the Early-Access Beta seems to be working! The past few days I’ve been working on a package system, so I can bundle up all the content files for SpyParty into a single compressed blob, rather than having a zillion files in a directory hierarchy.  This is good for load […]

Indie Panel at UC Santa Cruz on May 26th

We just finalized this:  come see Alex Neuse (BIT.TRIP Runner, Beat, etc. etc.), Jonathan Blow (The Witness, Braid), and me at UC Santa Cruz on May 26th at noon o’clock, in the Media Theater (room TM M110).  UCSC’s campus maps are bad enough that it’s actually easier to just give you the latitude and longitude […]

Location, Location, Location

It is true: I should be working on the game right now. But I couldn’t resist more beta data!  Here are 5,871 geolocated SpyParty Early-Access Beta IP addresses: A few things of interest: I started to color code the points by the time they registered, and then I thought I’d do a gif animation over […]

Beta Data

Everybody likes data, right?  Well, here’s a random collection of it from the past day and half of the SpyParty Early-Access Beta Sign Up… At 17:05:12 PDT on 2011/5/11, somebody named Steven, whose IP address is from Florida, became the 5,000th person to sign up for SpyParty beta access.  Thanks Steven, and everybody else too!  […]

Here we go…it’s SpyParty Beta time!

Well, you all asked for it, so I’ve spent the past month trying to figure out exactly how to make it work, and I think I’ve finally got all the pieces figured out.1 So, here we go:  I’m taking sign ups for the SpyParty Early-Access Beta, starting right now! The sign up page is here. […]