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The SpyParty Masterclass Show: Pilot Episode with r7stuart

Three hours, forty-two minutes, and fifty-four seconds is too long for a YouTube video. I don’t mean technically; it’s actually really great that YouTube now allows long videos. I mean in every other way. It’s too long to edit. It’s too long to watch. It’s too long to watch again to see if you made […]

Evo 2013 Report and Pics

We lived through Evo 2013. At times, it was iffy. You see, a “normal” show, like PAX, lasts from 9 or 10am to about 6pm.  At that point, the guards kick everybody out and you can close up the booth and go to bed or fix the bugs your found that day, or maybe even […]

On EVO 2013, Interviewing kcmmmmm, and losing a bet with Seth Killian

I had totally forgotten about the bet, but it’s clear I lost it, fair and square: “Didn’t I bet you in my invitation to evo last year that an evo guy would become your #1 player?   I want a beer, or at least some opportunity to be smug somehow :)” – Seth Killian I had […]