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PAX 2019 – It Takes a Village

And we finally arrive at PAX 2019, the last one to host a SpyParty booth until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control.  Hopefully next year?  Get vaccinated, please! PAX 2019 started out fairly normal, as you can see in the first gallery of picures below.  We were playtesting the Redwoods venue that year, and the […]

Day of the Devs 2016 Photos

I’m almost through all of my archived photos!  Here we have the pictures from Day of the Devs 2016, an awesome free one-day show in San Francisco organized by DoubleFine and iam8bit.  As I wrote about previously, Day of the Devs is like a PAX-lite, where we can playtest the game and meet a bunch […]

PAX 2018 Photo Gallery

I’m up to 2018 in my PAX picture gallery backlog clearance!  I had to ask in the SpyParty Discord what we revealed at PAX 2018 because time has no meaning and I’d completely forgotten.  It turns out it was the Teien venue, the blog post about which I would normally link here, but writing this […]

And now the PAX 2017 Photo Gallery

In my ongoing odyssey through PAXes past, I now present a gallery of pictures taken only four years ago at PAX 2017!  This was the “Year of the Tutorial” because it was the first public playtest of the fully voiced (by me) interactive tutorial.  I watched a lot of people play it, took a ton […]

SpyParty at PAX 2016 Gallery

SpyParty has a very long history at PAX West, the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.1  PAX 2021 is actually going on right now while I’m writing this,2 and for the first time ever, the SpyParty booth is not in its usual corner, not nestled in the protective embrace of The Behemoth along side our bigger […]