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Meet the Third Group of New SpyParty Characters

It’s my pleasure to introduce the next five SpyParty characters! Wait, did I say five? I meant six. It’s true, we have added identical twins in this group, making this group six new characters total! A bonus character, no microtransactions required! More on that below, but first, check out how crowded the whole cast picture […]

Next group of new characters will be revealed on Tuesday!

Here’s a teaser with plenty of clues in it for the observant…

Walking is Easy, Stopping, Not So Much

Our friendly beta testerĀ canadianbaconĀ discovered an anti-tell1 with the way NPCs vs the Spy stopped walking when they reached their destination. This allowed him to lowlight most of the party over time, which turns out to be a pretty good way to find the Spy. HereĀ is the story of me trying understand and fix it: Here […]