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SpyParty Chat #1 – Seduce, Fingerprint, High-rise, and more!

Hey all!  checker and I decided to try something a little bit different. We had ourselves a conversation about the latest SpyParty features, we recorded it, and then I turned it into a video. We basically stole this idea from the Introversion folks, who do a similar thing for Prison Architect release notes. We mainly talked […]

Mockups for the new Game Setup UI, and a small but sticky problem.

This post is a bit of an experiment. I want to show you some mockups of the new game setup user interface (UI), but I also want to try to figure out a bit of the UI I’m stuck on, and I figure explaining it clearly here in this post might either help me figure […]

Introducing the Next Five SpyParty Characters

Update:  we’ve shown them animating! I’m super excited because it’s time to introduce the next five new SpyParty characters! And here are all ten of the new characters posing for your aesthetic edification! This images looks like a cast photo from a wacky mystery movie, and this is only half of the twenty (!) playable […]

Spies, Narcissism, Egocentrism, and Solipsism

I was playing a birthday match1 today with jecat, and after one of the games where I was the Spy and thought I was highlit the entire game but in fact was lowlit, we got to talking about often this happens, even in elite games. In fact, the Spy often thinks the Sniper knows (or strongly suspects) […]

The History of the Game From Two Years of Beta Testing

Two years ago checker invited internet strangers into his game and I was lucky enough to snatch an invite from the very first group. I had been following the game closely before I got the invite, and that is obviously still the case today. Over the years I have observed a lot of changes in the […]