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Loadtesting for Open Beta, Part 3

Read Loadtesting for Open Beta, Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up on the spine-tingling story so far! When we last left our hero, our differential state update change was a resounding success and reduced the network bandwidth utilization from 98% to 3%, and it looked like we could move on to optimizing the […]

Come to drawnonward’s 100th stream party on Thursday, March 7th at midnight PST!

I guess Thursday midnight is technically Friday morning, unless midnight is defined as 00:00-ε or something, but anyway, the Official SpyParty Late Night Streamer™ drawnonward is celebrating his 100th stream on Thursday night at midnight, Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8), which means it’s Friday at 8am GMT (I think, unless I messed that math up), on his […]

Loadtesting for Open Beta, Part 2

In our last exciting episode of Loadtesting for Open Beta, we did some initial profiling to see how the lobbyserver held up under attack by a phalanx of loadtesting robots spawned in the cloud. It didn’t hold up, obviously, or the beta would already be open. Specifically, it failed by saturating the server’s 100Mbps network […]