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Competitive Gaming: Come Play SpyParty at Evo in Vegas, July 6th & 7th

I give a lot of lectures on games.  In these lectures, I often talk about games as an art form, and how games are different from the other popular and important art and entertainment forms.  Even though we often get compared to film, I think when games finally fulfill their potential, they will be as […]

Release notes v0.1.2056.0 – THE MEGABUILD

A dispatch from the private beta forums regarding the “megabuild”… Author Message checker Post subject: Release notes v0.1.2056.0 – THE MEGABUILD Posted: 2012/06/22 23:25  OnlineJoined: 2011/06/22 17:00Posts: 724 I didn’t get to everything I wanted to before I start spectation, so there will be a Daughter of Megabuild at some point soon. add crlf to whole chat log ctrl-c copy so notepad.exe works […]

The First 999 Beta Tester Usernames

There are now 999 people registered in the Early-Access Beta.1 Here are their usernames: aaboyles aaerox abettega ablemonkey aca15 acbgardner aces acron actionpotential adam adman aerox2 aethyr agent agentmidnight agradula ahalay ahnimal aisugirl akuda alessandro ali alkapwn almostpeaceful74 amagineer amar amassingham amonjura ancillas andrew andy angellion01 angryamish angryjaffa angrywombat ankhwatcher annoyedguy anotheruselesspwn antoine antonio applemint apreche […]

Deductive Depth Jamming, Beta Balance, and Megabuild Todo List

Wow, I have been busy, and the Early-Access Beta todo items are piling up! I will just get right to talking about stuff, no introduction necessary! The Depth Jam and Deduction Recently, a small group of us did an intensive game design retreat we called the Depth Jam, during which I dug into the deductivity […]