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The 707

No, not that 707.  That one belongs to John Travolta. The 707 I’m talking about are the seven hundred and seven people who signed up for the SpyParty Early-Access Beta without knowing that’s what they were signing up for.  You see, back on Valentine’s Day, I quietly put up a sign-in form on the sidebar […]

My SF IGDA Talk on SpyParty Networking Infrastructure

Here is my talk from last night’s SF IGDA meeting, all marked up and flashified. 1  I talked about my goals for the network infrastructure for the SpyParty Early-Access Beta, both at a high level in terms of polish, security, scalability, and flexibility, and then also a bit at the low level, in terms of specific […]

Super Quick Beta Update and IGDA Talk Tonight

I had hoped to do a more lengthy update by now, but I’ve been so deep in server code I haven’t had a chance to breathe, let alone blog.  Still, I wanted to say I’m giving a short talk tonight, 7pm, Wednesday, July 13th, at the San Francisco IGDA meeting, at the Autodesk Gallery, 1 […]