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Gigantic PAX West 2012 SpyParty and Storyteller Gallery!

I believe I have survived PAX West 2012.1  I also know I would not have survived without the absolutely incredible volunteer help from some of the absolutely incredible SpyParty beta testers:  Kamil Chocimski (hunter4hire), David Olsen (canadianbacon), Roger Hanna (ardonite), Dennis Clark (dbfclark), and Kate Welch (kate), not to mention John Cimino and Alice Lee!  […]

What topiary should I put on top of the new Courtyard map?

The true purpose of this post is to test the new CAPTCHA system I installed, after getting sick of reCAPTCHA letting in 40 spam comments a day.1 So, if you’ve never commented on the blog before, please chime in below so I can test that it works.  If you have commented before, then you shouldn’t […]