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A Small Party at GDC for Playtesters and Press

I decided at pretty close to the last possible minute to have a small “thank you” party for the first set of SpyParty beta playtesters, and I invited some friends from the press who have been covering the game for a while.  Scheduling things during the evening at a big tradeshow like GDC is basically […]

Beta Bug Fixing Meets Game Design

  Update:  If you ended up here looking for the open beta, I have no idea why wordpress is sending you here when it should be sending you here. Sorry, and I’m trying to figure it out!   So, I’m motoring along through my beta todo lists,1 and I start to investigate a bug Rachel […]

I Should Not Be Posting About This Beta Playtest

I really should be working on my GDC1 talks. Instead, I am writing up yet another beta playtest, so I will make this quick! On Friday my friends and awesome game artists Luis Antonio and John Cimino playtested.  They were only supposed to play 4 or 6 games, but kept playing for an hour, which […]