SpyParty at PAX 2016 Gallery

SpyParty has a very long history at PAX West, the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.1  PAX 2021 is actually going on right now while I’m writing this,2 and for the first time ever, the SpyParty booth is not in its usual corner, not nestled in the protective embrace of The Behemoth along side our bigger sibling, Supergiant Games.  Of course, if you’re reading this from the future, you should know the reason for our absence is the Covid 19 pandemic, and although there is a much smaller PAX happening in Seattle right now with masking and social distancing, after a lot of deliberation and talking to fans and other indies, I decided to skip it this year for safety.  I feel pretty conflicted about it, and it appears I’m not the only one…

However, this PAX weekend did remind me that I am way behind on posting photos from PAXes past, so here is a giant gallery from 2016!  That was the first year of our fancy sign and lighting, both of which worked out even more spectacularly than I ever hoped.  As always, thanks so much to our booth volunteers who you can see helping to tirelessly set up, break down, and destroy their voices teaching people to play, we literally couldn’t do it without them.3  Steph compiled a list, so thank you to all of these amazing people: John and Alice, Cleetose, Wodar, Lthummus, Warningtrack, Courtney, CanadianBacon, Virifaux, Slappydavis, IgoUnseen, KCMmmmm, Reika, Aforgottentune, Drawnonward, Pwndnoob, and of course, Steph herself!

  1. I never called it PAX Prime and I’m glad they finally renamed it! []
  2. although it’ll be over by the time I post it []
  3. I know this because we’ve tried it before and we almost died. []

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