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Have an alpha masked Xbox 360 Controller, on me.

I’m busy writing the documentation booklet that I’m going to give to people wanting to play SpyParty at PAX1, and I needed an Xbox 360 Controller image to put in there so I can point to the buttons and say what they each do, just like real games do.  Well, it turns out there isn’t […]

PAX Minutia

When you get a booth at a convention, you’re supposed to get insurance so that when somebody trips over a taped-down cable, bruises their knee, and sues you, they don’t end up owning your game. This is a screenshot from one of the insurance policies: It’s good to know the relative value of these things… […]

More Cocktail Teasers

A few more teaser shots for the new cocktail stuff.  Soon, drinks will be served by this nice gentleman, rather than teleporting directly into the hands of the partygoers. Of course, eventually you could choose to be the waiter or waitress, and that would certainly make poisoning the Generalissimo’s drink pretty easy, however you might […]

Shaken, Not Stirred

I’m too swamped with PAX prep to do a real detailed post, but I figured I’d tease with this: I’m adding drinks to the party, which while always welcome at real parties, are a real pain in the butt at virtual ones. For starters, holding a drink “cross-cuts” just about every other behavior and animation, […]

Size Doesn’t Matter Day

This is one of a set of articles all published on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010, the inaugural Size Doesn’t Matter Day organized by Jamie Cheng from Klei, where game developers talk about how the length of a game is or isn’t important relative to its other merits.  Links to all the ones I know about […]