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IGF Feedback and Beta Status

I am deep deep deep in server stuff for the Early-Access Beta, so this post is mostly to take a short break from that, tell you folks I’m still alive, and post the collection of feedback I got today from the IGF submission last year. I think it’s great the IGF gives submitters feedback, and, […]

Joystiq E3 Party Playtest Metrics and Pics

The Joystiq Post-E3 indie game party was great and it seemed like fun was had by everybody!  Thanks a ton to Joystiq for putting it on!  It was good to see a bunch of cool indie games in attendance, like Monaco, Retro City Rampage, Z0MB1ES, and Q.U.B.E. Hopefully this tweet by party-goer Andrew Schmidt is […]

Play SpyParty after E3 on Friday June 10th in LA

Update: Okay, Joystiq has finally posted the full details.  It’s at the La Cita Bar in downtown LA, from 5:30pm to 9pm on Friday, June 10th.   The other games being shown include Monaco, Nidhogg, Retro City Rampage, Q.U.B.E., and two unannounced projects, one from Harmonix and one from Ska Studios.  It should be a lot […]