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Lost, The Wire, Game Design, Meaning, and Brian Moriarty

I just read this interview with the Lost executive producers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and it’s got some pretty interesting comments in it that relate to some of my current thoughts about game design. This first quote speaks to a concept Jonathan Blow and I talk about all the time when discussing game design and […]

Game development is tedious, let’s go shopping!

Let’s be clear:  I love making games, and I hope to do it for a few more decades, fate willing. That said—like in other creative endeavors—the pursuit of awesomeness in game development is often mind-numbingly tedious and mundane.  Case in point:  my last week and a half. It all started when I decided the next […]

GDC 2010: SpyParty Press Extravaganza

Wow, so the week after the Game Developers Conference was kind of  simultaneously crazy and great for SpyParty!  As I posted previously, I did a ton of playtests at the conference with developers, and I got a lot of great feedback on the game. I also playtested it with a few folks from the game […]

New SpyParty Gameplay Mode

I’ve decided the best way to go really mass market with SpyParty is to support a mashup of Big Head Mode and the hip retro vector graphics style of Tron and Geometry Wars…