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Loadtesting for Open Beta, Part 1

Way back in 2011, right before I opened up Early-Access Beta signups, I loadtested and optimized the signup page to make sure it wouldn’t crash if lots of people were trying to submit their name and email and confirm their signup. I always intended to write up a technical post or two about that optimization […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, Belated

The ever-awesome ZeroTKA had an awesome idea for a Valentine’s Day surprise, and then my daughter gave me a cold and I couldn’t get it done for the actual day.  But hey, it’s still Valentine’s Day in Damon’s heart. This build, v0.1.2487.0, was supposed to be a quicky, but it snowballed bigtime.  Here are the release notes […]

One Bug’s Story, or, Assume it’s a bug!

This is the story of a bug in SpyParty.  This story has a happy ending, because the SpyParty beta testers are amazing, and they are constantly helping find bugs, of course, but they are also constantly helping me reproduce bugs, and narrow down the potential causes of bugs, and triage them, and are generally providing […]