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You can play SpyParty at PAX East!

The always awesome Ben Gilbert at Joystiq just broke the news:  SpyParty is going to be at PAX East, March 11th through 13th in that city whose streets were designed by cows, Boston, Massachusetts! As I say in the article, I’m super happy about (at least) two things: 1. The Fire Hose Games guys for […]

I need volunteers for GDC next week…

SpyParty needs help! Are you local to the Bay Area or going to be here next week, responsible, dependable, and hard-working, a game developer or interested in game development, and available to man (or woman) the SpyParty kiosk at the IGF Pavilion at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, March 2nd through March 4th?  […]

Seduction on the Balcony

GDC fast approaches, and I’m trying to make sure all the new stuff I’ve added actually works as designed for people coming to play in the IGF Pavilion, and that means playtest → tune → playtest → tune… Last night the gang came over, ostensibly to playtest the entirety of the aforementioned stuff, but the […]

Action Test, Seduce Target, and New Maps Playtest Reports

Tonight we did the first playtest of the new Seduce Target mission and the new maps I’ve been working on for the GDC build.  I also realized I never wrote up the results of the Action Test playtest session, so I’ll stick those in here as well. The Action Test Mechanic I playtested the Action […]

Simulating Seduction

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the newest SpyParty mission is Seduce Target.  I was having trouble figuring out the low level design for the Poison Drink mission, so I decided to put it on the back burner to simmer a bit more1, and do a couple different missions for the GDC IGF booth build. […]