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Zero’s Notebook #2: Breaking News

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog visit with this important news bulletin:  There is a gunman on the loose and the local police department refuses to comment!  There have also been reports of an unknown illness in Spypartia! Citizens are advised to stay away from classy houses until further notice. You can catch the full story […]

This Week in SpyParty, Week 2: A Bug In Plain Sight

This week there was a recent bug discovery that caught my attention. With any game, especially one in beta, there are going to be bugs regardless of how hard you try to prevent them. The nature of the beast is if you have a game then you have bugs in your code. Some bugs are […]

Zero’s Notebook #1: Your Brain, Your Opponent

Playing SpyParty is hard work. If you come to the booth at a convention, you have to read the manual before you can play for the first time. If you play online, you are highly encouraged to read the manual, watch the tutorial video, and play around in practice mode.  Finally, you start to play other humans […]

Welcoming Zero & This Week in SpyParty, Week 1: Spy on the Hill

Hi there, Chris Hecker here, sneaking in at the top of this, the first post by the newest member of the SpyParty team, Keith Millot, more commonly known as zerotka in the lobby! Keith has been a SpyParty beta tester since there were SpyParty beta testers…he was in the first batch of community invites oh […]

SpyParty at Day of the Devs

Yesterday we did a fun thing in San Francisco: DoubleFine and iam8bit were kind enough to invite us to set up SpyParty at their Day of the Devs party, along with a bunch of other indie friends, including Supergiant and Capy. We shared a room with Hohokum and Destructomundo, and everybody had a great time! Some press came by to […]