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PAX, Day 3, ZOMG

I’m so exhausted I’m not going to do much more than post pictures tonight, and I’ll write up more about PAX Day 3 tomorrow, but in addition to having a line of people Reading The Fine Manual, let me say that the SpyParty “PAX Experts” Tournament was so mind blowingly amazing I can’t even describe […]

PAX, Day 2

Still alive after two days of PAX, one more to go! Today there was a line from the instant the show floor opened to the public, until closing time!  I feel bad people have to wait to play, but the line has turned out to be a blessing, actually, because it gives people a chance […]

PAX, Day 1

The first day of PAX is over, and we are still alive!!!  We had crowds almost all of the time, and occasionally a giant line.  Best of all, we had a fair number of repeat customers.  One pair of guys game back 5 or so times, which is exactly what I was hoping for, because […]

Prospective Spies: Please RTFM

Edit: check out the latest manual here. Okay, here is the slightly infamous Four Page Instruction Manual for playing SpyParty at PAX.  I felt like I had to print this because of the one downside of the Depth-first, Accessibility-later development methodology I’m following. My goal with printing up this document is to save my voice […]