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Release notes v0.1.2769.0 – Veranda Double Trouble

New build! This is a relatively quick update since the last one, but with one fairly small change with potentially large consequences on the Veranda map: I’ll write more about this change later, but the impetus for doubling up the statues at the front of Veranda was a series of player-designed and requested game modes. First, […]

Public SpyParty Tournament in Austin, TX, Tomorrow, Friday 6/21!

Edit: This happened, and here are pictures to prove it! Davey Wreden of The Stanley Parable, Robin Arnott of Antichamber’s sound design and SoundSelf, and Eduardo Ortiz of Apotheon’s sound design are throwing a SpyParty party and tournament in Austin, TX, tomorrow, at the Indiecade Annex, 1310 Broadmoor Drive, 8pm to midnight! It’s open to the public and […]

Diversity and Inclusivity in SpyParty and the Beta Community

When you’re making an online multiplayer game, you have to worry about the community that builds itself around your game.  In the beginning the worry is, “Will there be a community at all?”  If you’re lucky and don’t screw things up too badly, and people like your game, a community will start growing around it, […]

Release notes v0.1.2758.0 – lobby stuff, mostly

I just realized that since I finally opened the beta, I can now post the release notes for the new builds here publicly without getting a torrent of “Send me an invite!” blog and facebook comments and tweets! Yay, I am so happy to be out of the invites business! I’ll do a post with numbers from […]

The Early-Access Beta is Open!

I made a link for you: Oh man am I tired.