SpyParty has bugs. I know this is shocking, but it’s beta software, and writing computer programs is hard.

If you find a bug, please do not post about it in a comment here, because it’s really hard to use a blog comment system for tracking bugs.  If you find a bug, do these things:

  1. Read the How to Report Bugs Effectively post in the Bugs subforum! The Bugs subforum is private to beta testers and you’ll need your account info to log in there. 1
  2. Read the existing bug reports and search that forum, and if you can’t find a solution to your problem then post a new bug.
  3. If that fails for some reason, you can email for support, but it’s way better to post in the Bugs subforum because other players can help you out too, and it’s got a giant archive of bugs and workarounds.

See you online!

  1. It’s also an awesome community of beta testers so you should hang out there even when you’re not reporting bugs! []

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