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The New SpyParty Homepage and Trailer

That long image there to the left is a picture of the current homepage as I write this. As you read this, there will be a new fancy doesn’t-look-like-a-default-WordPress-install homepage. Welcome to the 21st century,! Plus, to go along with the new homepage design, we made the first SpyParty trailer! More on that below. The […]

Come ask questions of me and Jonathan Blow in San Francisco on Wednesday!

Update:  Okay, the video is up from this talk, it’s a mix of general indie game stuff, some SpyParty and The Witness stuff, and miscellaneous stuff: Jonathan Blow and I will be answering—or trying to answer—questions from the audience on Wednesday, May 8th, at 7pm PDT in San Francisco as guests of the SF IGDA. […]

One Year of SpyParty

Wow, SpyParty has the best beta testers in the world!  Not only are they really patient while they’re waiting for invites, then they’re patient while finding good repros for bugs, then more patient while waiting for fixes for all the bugs they find, and they’re patient and super helpful mentoring new players…but they’re also hilarious […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, Belated

The ever-awesome ZeroTKA had an awesome idea for a Valentine’s Day surprise, and then my daughter gave me a cold and I couldn’t get it done for the actual day.  But hey, it’s still Valentine’s Day in Damon’s heart. This build, v0.1.2487.0, was supposed to be a quicky, but it snowballed bigtime.  Here are the release notes […]

Happy Holidays from Toby and Security Agent Damon

I hope didn’t break anything important shoving this in. Also, in case you missed the tweet, beta tester bl00dw0lf made something amazing for the end of the year: