New SpyParty Gameplay Mode

I’ve decided the best way to go really mass market with SpyParty is to support a mashup of Big Head Mode and the hip retro vector graphics style of Tron and Geometry Wars

Either that, or I’m trying to get all the objects and characters into the same coordinate system and units before I make more levels, missions, and animations.  This screenshot represents a halfway point, where I’ve mostly converted the objects and levels from a bizarre hybrid of feet and centimeters to meters.  Then I realized it was April Fool’s day, so I figured I’d post the shot. Next up are all the gameplay regions, which are the vector shapes you see on the ground plane, and then the characters (rescaling boned and animated meshes is a giant pain, so they come last).


  1. Popuptoaster says:

    April fool?

  2. Xeon06 says:

    Only if you make it so the bullets can go through and kill more than one person.

  3. Nathanael says:

    How about all metal too, like a metal box in Super Smash Bros.

  4. jordy says:

    Throw some arcade style shooting in the mix to add some additional old-school flavour.

  5. jordy says:

    btw, it seems general Khadafi needs a shoulder to cry on, poor him.

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