SpyParty in PC Gamer UK Issue 214

According to this, the new PC Gamer UK has a SpyParty preview?

Anybody have a scan of it?

Update: As you can see in the comments, Simples was awesome and scanned it for us!

Click to view full size!


  1. jordy says:

    Kind off funny they didn’t mentioned it to you, but a good sign that you don’t have to ask for attention, but you just get it, very promising for an indie designer.

  2. jordy says:

    Curious, if they want it any better then copy and paste they should have played your game somehow.

    • checker says:

      Playing would be best, but if people are excited by the idea, there was enough stuff written that week by people who did play that they probably just wanted to tell their readers about it, which is cool by me. They did try to get an interview but I missed their deadline (oops). I’m grateful regardless…indie games can use all the help they can get from the press. :)

  3. jordy says:

    Yea indeed, I hope your game will be the first indie to get a massive (casual player) hype when it’s coming.

  4. Simples says:

    I have a copy of it I can scan in if you want. It’s just a copy and paste of some information with some screen shots though :)

  5. jordy says:

    yay, another preview to read^^.

  6. Simples says:

    I’ll try scan a copy in later… but the scanner doesn’t seem to comply with the new windows 7 at the moment.

    So I’ll try copy it like this:

    An Invitation to the SpyParty

    A game of assassination and espionage

    Chris Heckers’ forthcoming SpyParty is like a reverse Turing Test: It’s an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player takes on the role of the spy, moving among the Martini-Swilling AI. The other plays as a sniper, hoping to off the would-be Bond with a single bullet. Players have to mimic the robotic movements of the computer controlled party guests if they want to remain undetected and win. It’s much harder to pick out the human than you’d think, particularly when spies start behaving like unthinking bots.

    At this stage, the graphics you see below are just a placeholder, but below is an indication of how it plays out:

    (Photos from you photo gallery along with text similar to the one about how it’s played out)

    Written by Martin Davies

    ((Sorry, will try to scan it in ASAP))

  7. Simples says:

    Sorry but you’ll have to download it…

    10MB is too much for most image sharing sites >.>


  8. jordy says:

    Thanks, nothing new I guess, but still fun to read.

  9. Ash says:

    I know it’s not as simple as just “doing it”, but any chance of a Mac version at some point?

  10. Nocturna says:

    PC Gamer UK and Gameinformer(Why haven’t you mentioned them) should really boost the attention on this thing.

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