Gigantic PAX West 2012 SpyParty and Storyteller Gallery!

I believe I have survived PAX West 2012.1  I also know I would not have survived without the absolutely incredible volunteer help from some of the absolutely incredible SpyParty beta testers:  Kamil Chocimski (hunter4hire), David Olsen (canadianbacon), Roger Hanna (ardonite), Dennis Clark (dbfclark), and Kate Welch (kate), not to mention John Cimino and Alice Lee!  One of the downsides of doing the depth-first, accessibility-later development style is that you have to explain your game to everybody who comes to play, even after we’ve made them read the four-page manual.  Booth duty for this game is incredibly tiring, and is basically impossible without lots of help, so I can’t thank them enough!

hunter4hire, dbfclark, and canadianbacon decompress after a long first day of training PAX attendees to play SpyParty!

This year’s Guest Indie, Storyteller by Daniel Benmergui, showed incredibly well both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and players were lined up to play it.  You can see some of the great reactions to Storyteller in the pics below!  Daniel also was on booth duty and did a great job as a SpyParty tutor!  I think I may have him do the tutorial voice; the Argentinian accent lends the directions a certain gravitas.

So, have a ton of pictures!  If you were at PAX and came by the booth, see if you can spot yourself or your friends!  Oh, and check out Jeff and the other awesome enforcers who helped out throughout, but especially at booth breakdown…the PAX enforcers are incredibly helpful!

  1. I have no idea what is going to happen next year, when they’re supposedly extending it to 4 days; it’s already life-threateningly brutal to stand in a booth talking for 3 days! []


  1. MOOMANiBE says:

    Awesome! I seem to have managed to sneak my way into the background of a number of the Storyteller photos. Was great meeting you at PAX, I need to get back to spyparty-ing when I have some spare time! (And I’m quite excited about Storyteller.)

  2. Keith says:

    I think my favorite moment in all those pictures is a couple toward the beginning. You can see a guy sitting there, and then the next picture he’s almost doing a fist pump of excitement. Must have been a close game.

    Looks crazy tiring. Hope everyone had ton of fun! Shame i couldn’t be there to play some storyteller. Looking forward to that one as well!

    Can you “un approve” me so i can do some crazy fun math problems?

  3. AngryTetris says:

    You come from future PAX 2102? What’s it like in the future? Do they still play spy party?

    • CanadianBacon says:

      Well, it’s almost out now. When I asked Robo-Chris about when it would be done, he said “A couple of years from now.”

    • checker says:

      Fixed! I won’t answer whether I’ve shipped yet.

  4. Dan Lewis says:

    Thanks for the pictures! We played Storyteller first thing on Saturday and came back for SpyParty.

    Love all you’re doing, and thanks for linking the tutors. I’ve been watching hunter4hire’s videos.

  5. Doopliss says:

    A while back on Twitter you suggested “some guy named Ben” was getting an early invite for being the 20,000th signup. Did he end up responding? Because I signed up that day and I think it might have been supposed to be me.

    (Man, I’ll feel really obnoxious if it turned out to be a different Ben that signed up at the same time)

    • checker says:

      I thought I invited him at the time, not sure how I could actually check, since the 20k number changes as people confirm their emails late and whatnot…

    • Doopliss says:

      What!? You mean I can’t get in early due to random chance and have to wait like everyone else!? This is outrageous!

      *Storms off in a huff*

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