Happy Valentine’s Day, Belated

The ever-awesome ZeroTKA had an awesome idea for a Valentine’s Day surprise, and then my daughter gave me a cold and I couldn’t get it done for the actual day.  But hey, it’s still Valentine’s Day in Damon’s heart.

This build, v0.1.2487.0, was supposed to be a quicky, but it snowballed bigtime.  Here are the release notes from the private beta forums:

Uh, this was supposed to be a quick update.

  • add idle timestamp to invite confirmation if player is idle
  • s/In Lobby/In Room/ in lobby status
  • auto-idle state in lobby after 5 minutes of no input to SpyParty
  • display away message when playing
  • tiebreaker for both players hitting spy or sniper at the same time in match menu – kind of a hack
  • wait a bit after putting down briefcase
  • couriers never stand on a pad to pick up or put down briefcase
  • ambassador won’t put down briefcase unless it can be picked up without standing on a pad
  • display game type and level on match results screen
  • Happy Valentine’s Day (belated due to a cold) – thank zerotka for the awesome idea!
  • pointier convo arrow
  • reenable previous talker arrow
  • add concept of “important” NPCs (like green statue swapper)
  • sort important NPCs higher/lower than unknown cast
  • put a grey bar on them in the portraits on result screen
  • play microfilm failure animation if bailing on action test
  • drink events for accept, reject, offer, waiter giving up
  • okay/good/bad -> white/green/red in mission preview text
  • much more visible sniper crosshairs
  • try harder to find a spot if you’re forced to go to pedestal
  • delay forcing swapper until outside min radius and then random timer
  • finally solved the mystery of the floor pad rotations, old click-to-move ui vestige, thanks kcmmmmm!
  • round event for cast member picking up pending statue
  • handle room name escapes before eating whitespace
  • ignore escape until endgame results synced to avoid lobby kicks and disabled Spy/Sniper menu items
  • setting to not print /help on lobby entry
  • allow big lobby font, allow ellipsis in settings and lobby escape menu
  • Damon at least looks at the corpse, for god’s sake
  • arrow ui for conversation talking turns
  • version number in screenshot name
  • toby offers drink and waits until accept or refuse
  • break up too-long chat lines correctly with wrapping
  • settings in lobby escape menu uses new lobby layout
  • small timestamp font, only do time, not date (clipboard still gets full date)
  • sync up /time format
  • block actions while putting down or handing off briefcase
  • allow Toby to go more places and offer more drinks (like the back side of Balcony, which he basically was afraid to visit)
  • new walking bug tuning, midpoint, tighter radii, etc
  • display autolock animation times correctly in spy disk
  • move ambassador personal space radius in a bit so not as jumpy
  • bulge cy2 pillar out a bit more, but NPCs really hug it, better practice this or get shot by r7
  • whiter whites for your username
  • fix bug if spawn at convo center you’re going to
  • if you’re finishing convo because you’re lonely, and somebody shows up, go back to listening
  • retry look areas if your spot is taken
  • clear the customer’s queue so don’t take drinks long after waiter leaves
  • make veranda front a little wider for pathing sanity
  • walking people count as violating ambassador’s personal space, so spy can’t twitch
  • version check content package to avoid weird bugs
  • fix lobby chat crash bug
  • draw cast bars with quads, size properly
  • sort known-to-sniper cast members low, unknown (like seduction target, no-suspected double agents) high
  • splash screen works on wineskin (non-transparent)
  • expand results screen portraits on mouseover now that we have a mouse on that screen
  • fix results display for multiple consecutive time-adds
  • only push round events if playing
  • push round event on shift-m add time
  • flicker ambassador ui during leaving, not go to red (ST color)
  • grey outlines in results, not yellow

So, the briefcase/floor-pad thing is kinda huge. Having to actively reject Toby is kinda huge. New green swap is big. I don’t even remember what else. Yikes.


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  1. keith says:

    Oh look, damon is calling his sweetie right now!

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