Come to drawnonward’s 100th stream party on Thursday, March 7th at midnight PST!

I guess Thursday midnight is technically Friday morning, unless midnight is defined as 00:00-ε or something, but anyway, the Official SpyParty Late Night Streamer™ drawnonward is celebrating his 100th stream on Thursday night at midnight, Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8), which means it’s Friday at 8am GMT (I think, unless I messed that math up), on his channel:

It should be fun and rather silly…he posted in the beta forums asking for ideas and people are gifting him random Steam stuff to give away to people in stream chat, he’s going to dress up as one of the current SpyParty characters (he’s not telling which one!), and I’ll be joining him from midnight to 1am to play on his stream. Sadly, my internet this week is kind of slow and terrible, so I don’t think I can stream the other side on the SpyParty channel, but I should be able to join him via voice chat.  My personal dream is that he’ll actually start using a non-default icon/image for his channel by then.

Come along, hang out in the stream chat, and it should be a good time. The big question is whether I’ll have this build done and tested before then. Maybe you can watch a brand new build fail spectacularly, live, while I curse over TeamSpeak!

PS. I think I have figured out who is killing my robots, so Part 3 of the Loadtesting for Open Beta series will be posted soon!


  1. keith says:

    Prizes! Yes!!

  2. Adam says:

    You are correct, it is at 08:00 AM GMT.

    For those who CBA to look it up, it’s at 02:00 AM CST, and at 03:00 AM EST.

  3. Drawnonward says:

    “[…]and I’ll be joining him from midnight to 1am to play on his stream.”

    Oh wow, 1 am. I guess that didn’t go quite as planned, but it was pretty fun.

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