The Early-Access Beta is Open!

I made a link for you:

Oh man am I tired.


  1. Quirken says:

    Congratulations Checker :)

    Get some rest. You’re just getting started!

  2. Salzvatik12 says:

    Congrats! Get some rest dude, this has been a long time coming.

    • checker says:

      That’s happening sometimes, I can’t figure out why. I put a note on that post, and I guess I’ll fix it on the apache side or something.

      Update: should be fixed now, although you have to clear your browser cache if you ever got the old result.

  3. easy says:

    Now that it’s open I’d like to buy gift codes for all my friends! Will there be gift codes eventually?

  4. noobcopmikey says:

    i bought the game but i dont know where or how to download??? plz help

    • checker says:

      You should have gotten a confirmation mail when you finished registering, and it has a link to the beta homepage in it, which has the download link. If you didn’t get it, please mail support at spyparty dot com.

  5. MrRafcio PL says:

    I do not know how to play this game :(

    • checker says:

      Not sure what you mean? If you mean how to get it, just go to the homepage and it’s $15. If you mean strategies and tactics, there are lots of youtube videos up about it, check those out. Or ask around in the lobby, the community is very friendly!

  6. WHY ITS FOR 15 $ says:

    You said EARLY ACCESS BETA IS OPEN and its for 15 $

    • checker says:

      Hi, I edited your message to remove the insult, please try to be polite even if you are upset about the cost of the game. In this case, “open” means in contrast to “closed”, meaning the beta used to be invite-only and now is open to anybody. It is “paid” in contrast to “free” because I need to be able to buy food to stay alive to make the game, but it’s definitely open.

  7. Dominik says:

    Can i get back my money? Because this game dont work on my PC :(

    • checker says:

      Hi, sure, no problem on the refund, or we can try to get it working. I’ll send you mail about posting in the Bugs forum.

  8. Bradhrad says:

    good game

  9. Remol says:

    Hi, will this game ever come out of beta? Cuz I was thinking about buying the game but when I saw it’s already 4 years in open beta and the last update was like over 6 months ago and now I am not sure is it worth to pay 15$ for game, that may stay in beta forever or someday just disapear. I mean no offence to you but 15$ is in my opinion a little bit to much for beta game.

    • checker says:

      I certainly hope it comes out of beta! But first, it’s going into more beta when it goes on Steam Early-Access early next year. As for updates, follow the twitter or facebook for more frequent smaller updates, I’m terrible about blogging but want to get better! The good news is the game is already fun and worth playing (in my unbiased opinion :), but some people prefer to wait and that’s okay too!

  10. Den says:

    Are there other players playing this game or I will buy game that is totally desert?
    I mean if I want to play now, is it possible or I’ll have to wait millions of hours for my opponent?

    • checker says:

      Hi, looks like you bought the game already, but you can usually get a game in a minute or two even at off peak, and pretty fast during peak. There’s a graph of the players over time on your beta homepage.

    • checker says:

      Wow, you have 114 games already like only a day later. :)

  11. Den says:

    I bought the game but I have problem with video card of some sort while starting. When we start the game everything starts blinking and then error pops out. Nvidia error 1, openGl too many errors something. I have Nvidia GeForce 9600GT. Is it my video card is too outdated for this game or what could it be? Really would like to play your game, waited such game for a long time.

  12. AndreiZz says:


    • checker says:

      It’s going to be premium, sorry! That lets me focus on the game design and not worry about monetization in the game.

  13. Est cel mai tare joc

  14. Ryan carpenter says:

    Cool game I like it on YouTube because there is killing 

    • checker says:

      Uh…glad you like it! Jumping off your comment, as a design aesthetic, there’s actually no violence in the interactive part of the game, once you pull the trigger the game is over, so it’s really the threat of the shot that makes for the tension, as opposed to the body count. Thought you might find that interesting as a connoisseur of killing! :)

  15. Mustafa says:

    When i downloaded this game and i tried to login but it said login error password and username failed.please tell me what to do

    • checker says:

      Did you get it on or on Steam? Those are the only two places where it’s officially available, and both of those should give you a username and password (or automatically log you in).

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