The Early-Access Beta is Open!

I made a link for you:

Oh man am I tired.


  1. Quirken says:

    Congratulations Checker :)

    Get some rest. You’re just getting started!

  2. Salzvatik12 says:

    Congrats! Get some rest dude, this has been a long time coming.

    • checker says:

      That’s happening sometimes, I can’t figure out why. I put a note on that post, and I guess I’ll fix it on the apache side or something.

      Update: should be fixed now, although you have to clear your browser cache if you ever got the old result.

  3. easy says:

    Now that it’s open I’d like to buy gift codes for all my friends! Will there be gift codes eventually?

  4. noobcopmikey says:

    i bought the game but i dont know where or how to download??? plz help

    • checker says:

      You should have gotten a confirmation mail when you finished registering, and it has a link to the beta homepage in it, which has the download link. If you didn’t get it, please mail support at spyparty dot com.

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