SpyParty at Day of the Devs

Yesterday we did a fun thing in San Francisco: DoubleFine and iam8bit were kind enough to invite us to set up SpyParty at their Day of the Devs party, along with a bunch of other indie friends, including Supergiant and Capy. We shared a room with Hohokum and Destructomundo, and everybody had a great time! Some press came by to chat, so we may see some general coverage showing up this week, too.


This time slappydavis (in the hat) came over to help out with training newbies, and ardonite stopped by for a bit and they did a few exhibition games. Of course, I look a bunch of pictures, and here are some:



  1. r7 says:

    Image 21: laminated manuals to protect from tears of joy/frustration (delete as appropriate).

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. I miss playing SpyParty. No Internet. :-( 

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