Zero’s Notebook #1: Your Brain, Your Opponent

Playing SpyParty is hard work. If you come to the booth at a convention, you have to read the manual before you can play for the first time. If you play online, you are highly encouraged to read the manual, watch the tutorial video, and play around in practice mode.  Finally, you start to play other humans and learn the plethora of ways the Spy can die and the madness of trying to sift through a party as a Sniper. These first moments of everyone’s SpyParty career can be tough. Luckily, we have an awesome community that’s always willing to help mentor new players and answer their questions. 

So, you ask for and receive some mentoring and you feel like you’re starting to get everything down. You know the missions and you know the tells associated with them. You now feel ready to face off against more experienced opponents. The thing is, when you play SpyParty, you are playing against more than just your opponent. You will also be fighting off your own brain and the mischievous AI. This first episode of Zero’s Notebook takes us through some of the odder things that you may encounter, including Chronostasis, and shooting the Spy even though you misremembered the statues.


  1. virifaux says:

    0:17 – I’m not pictured here :(

  2. BL00DW0LF says:

    Haha, fun! 
    I try to combat chronostasis by moving my whole head to look at the clock, instead of just the eyes, it reduces the effect significantly (but not completely, I still normally count for a few seconds)

  3. jordy says:

    Haha, this was a really fun video!

  4. Varanas says:

    Oh man, this is part of your job now? I sure hope these come out regularly!

    I haven’t managed to catch you online (due to me never being online), so have a belated congratulations from me :)

  5. Wodar says:

    You have a beard now Zero??

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