Triple Birthday Stream Tonight, Monday, February 24th, 6pm PST!

The awesome folks in the SpyParty beta usually ask me to play them for important milestone games, usually when there are a lot of zeros in their game count.  I’ve done a bunch of these before, as you can see.1  I call these “birthday matches”, and I love doing them.  I’ve done 500’s, 1000’s, 2000’s, 3000’s, 5000’s, 9000’s (and OVER), and 10,000’s.  One time we did three different 1000 games in one stream, and today I’m going to do another 3-for-1 stream:

  • First up is kikar‘s 1000 game birthday,
  • then, warningtrack for his 5000,
  • and finally, kcmmmmm for his 10000!

This will all take place tonight at 6pm Pacific Standard Time, at

I will record the games and put them on the SpyParty YouTube channel after the stream.

Edit: Hey, it’s the future, and the 2.5 hour video is up:

Here’s the leaderboard for tonight’s matches:


That’s me, there at the bottom.

Yes, I wrote the game, but I’ve been heads down on this In-Game Replays feature so I’m pretty rusty, and so I expect to be beaten with increasing alacrity as the stream continues into the night.  Luckily, I love playing SpyParty,2 even when I’m getting crushed.

Here are the full stats:


The gory details.

It should be a fun set of matches, come join the stream!  I will try to get my DIY greenscreen set up again!

Oh, and the In-game Replays are coming along really well.  It is so cool, it turned out even better than I thought it would.  I’m going to release a teaser video, hopefully tomorrow, and then the feature very soon after.

  1. So sad that I couldn’t find another link to put on “see”, but I guess today’s stream will qualify! []
  2. Which is a very good thing after all these years! []

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