The New Gallery Map!

The new map, Gallery, is out in the latest build! The design goal for this map was to make it long and narrow with a lot of dynamic occlusion caused by the partygoers.


Obey local ordinances!

It seemed to work pretty well, we played it during the release notes stream, where I did two different “birthday games”, the first set with scientist for his 5k birthday, and then smash10101 for his 1k birthday.

I made a few subtle behavior changes for this new map:

  • I made paintings more attractive on this map, and to do that I had to slightly change their probabilities on Ballroom. I think it won’t be noticeable, but we’ll see.
  • Due to restrictive local ordinances, open containers of alcohol cannot be consumed or served on the sidewalk. Some people flout these ordinances, but most partygoers are responsible citizens.
  • The conversations are a little less crowded now. People will still stand close to each other, but they won’t all jam into a tiny conversation circle, so you have to be a little more aware of how the NPCs behave around crowded conversations. I had to be careful with this code so I didn’t break the delicate balance of Balcony, but I think I was successful. I’m sure the beta players will tell me if I screwed it up!

Also in this build, I worked around a bug in Wineskin so MacOS beta testers should have their replays directories updated properly now.  

If you’re a beta tester already, come try out the new map, it’ll be there after you auto-update. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?

Here’s the video, and if you want notification of videos like this, you can subscribe to the SpyParty YouTube channel:


  1. Alex says:

    5k game was epic :D

    Congrats scientist & smash10101!

  2. Nick says:

    What do you mean by “Birthday” games? (1k/5k being 1,000 & 5,000 games played or maybe game wins?)

    Why aren’t they known as a celebratory “Party” game, to tie-in with the game’s name? ;)

    • checker says:

      Yeah, their 5000th and 1000th games. I dunno, I just started calling them birthdays and it stuck. Plus, that makes it a Birthday Party! :)

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