PAX Countdown, Day 4 – Animal Welfare

This is one of the continuing PAX Coundown series, if you want all the gory details from the start, you can begin your journey here. I thought I would update these daily…hahahahaha*cry*.

When people found out we were putting an animated dog in Ms. J’s purse, they were rightly concerned about its welfare in the dangerous world of global espionage. I present the solution:

PS. If you shoot the purse, the bullet ricochets into Ms. J, of course.


  1. Dollvader says:

    Simple and brilliant! He’s such a cute little guy :3

  2. Alex says:

    Remembering what you said about wanting all the characters to play ever so slightly differently –

    I think it’s interesting that anyone playing as Ms. J will have a much easier time of telling when the sniper has his laser on them. Which isn’t the same as knowing when they’re being watched, of course.

  3. tobi387 says:

    I find this idea to be great! I wish my dog could sense if a sniper is nearby and hide :/

  4. daniel benmergui says:

    nice death animation!

  5. CliveAtFive says:

    Why would she even have a bullet-proof purse if she didn’t have something to hide, HMMMMMM?? ;)

  6. ShylokVakarian says:

    She’s packing heat. Duh. All the old ladies pack heat.

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