SpyParty’s Tuesdays at Ten on Twitch Stream

I recently started doing a weekly SpyParty stream on Twitch, and I’ve decided to call it Tuesdays at Ten on Twitch, because, well, it’s on Tuesdays at 10am US Pacific time on the SpyParty Twitch Channel, funny that!  I will usually tweet about it, or you can subscribe to the channel for notifications whenever I stream, or check out the SpyParty Streams Notifier for all related streams.  It’s a mix of playtesting, development, and debugging broken builds that were supposed to “just work”.

Here’s the one from today:  http://www.twitch.tv/spyparty/c/52532971  Today I played varanas, and then moons for his 1k birthday game.

I had just released build v0.1.3669.0 earlier this morning, which had a ton of optimizations for performance on the new artwork, and it was so nice to stream at a good framerate again!  I’ll do a detailed blog post about the optimizations soon.

The TTT stream is promoted to the Twitch front page when there aren’t other things on their calendar, so it occasionally filled with way more people than usual for my streams.  I saw 791 viewers at one point today. I’ve written before about how important a healthy community is for SpyParty, and the Twitch chat is no different. I can’t play or develop and watch the chat very easily, so the community really comes together and helps out, especially when we get a bunch of new curious people in the chat asking questions. Of course, being the internet, there are always occasional trolls, but they’re not very common, and our helpful mods deal with them fairly and quickly. Mostly it’s just people intrigued by this wacky game that looks like The Sims or Clue and wondering what it is…

Here’s the chat log from this morning’s show. It’s great to see people excited about the game for the first time, and thanks a ton to warningtrackriseofwinterchill, bloomvaranas, and the others helping out.

09:51:44 spyparty hey
09:52:12 bloom_sp Hello
09:52:16 spyparty hi!
09:52:26 bloom_sp How was your sleep?
09:52:50 spyparty like airplane sleep, not great
09:52:55 spyparty varanas, want to play?
09:53:00 spyparty since I played bloom last time?
09:53:18 spyparty although moons might be showing up for a 1k birthday, not sure
09:53:42 spyparty maybe varanas is not actually here
09:54:19 bloom_sp :P
09:54:49 bloom_sp i’ll be the backup plan
09:54:53 spyparty <3
09:55:22 varanas64 oh hello
09:55:34 spyparty hi!
09:56:20 spyparty you wanna play until moons gets here, but he’s iffy so maybe just you?
09:56:45 varanas64 sure
09:57:09 spyparty okay, go on ts, be there in a sec
09:57:21 bloom_sp varanas i’m approaching you on the leaderboard
09:57:32 bloom_sp watch out
09:57:46 varanas64 closing the stream
10:00:05 theharribokid evening
10:00:59 spyparty howdy
10:06:18 warningtrack Yo, ton of viewers. You’re #1 on the Twitch homepage, I think
10:06:19 spyparty audio okay?
10:06:23 warningtrack Audio solid.
10:06:31 theharribokid good
10:06:40 bloom_sp Nice!
10:06:49 bloom_sp show the game quick!
10:06:54 warningtrack Hope you’ve got some super entertaining coding planned!
10:08:51 sirlyndrix I’m in chat now
10:08:55 spyparty hi
10:08:57 necro_ninja is this supposed to be like Clue?
10:08:59 sirlyndrix hai :D
10:09:01 spyparty sorta )
10:09:04 bloom_sp Is the fps command /fps?
10:09:17 sirlyndrix i have absolutely NO clue about gameplay rules or anything :P
10:09:17 theharribokid what hasd it been now? 2 years of dev time?
10:09:30 riseofwinterchill It’s a little like Clue, but instead of asking questions to figure out the human player, you observe their actions
10:09:31 warningtrack It combines Guess Who with shooting people!
10:09:36 ashflay <snip>
10:09:36 spyparty you can watch the other side of this at http://twitch.tv/varanas64
10:09:43 spyparty or the multitwitch
10:09:52 sirlyndrix oh ok
10:10:09 sirlyndrix Clue (the board game?) cuz i think it has a different name in belgium
10:10:11 bloom_sp if modern is 2/4 double modern should be 4/6
10:10:13 riseofwinterchill The spy is trying to accomplish some missions, and the sniper is trying to deduce which party guest is the spy and shoot them before they finish.
10:10:13 spyparty http://live.gamercide.org/user/spyparty&varanas64
10:10:17 necro_ninja sounds fun to me…
10:10:28 spyparty that’s both sides but side-by-side instead over over/under like multitwitch
10:10:28 warningtrack Yeah, it’s pretty great.
10:10:40 sirlyndrix i like the wielchair character
10:10:45 warningtrack Bloom: we call that “Postmodern”
10:10:50 sirlyndrix no game has done that before as far as i know
10:10:57 ashflay Sorry I didn’t say what the link was about! lol I made a fan sign for you GUYS!! :D I hope you enjoy. <snip>
10:11:01 warningtrack SpyParty does a lot of things other games have never done.
10:11:01 crazylotus wait, steven hawking is in this game??
10:11:24 sirlyndrix he looks like a guy i know
10:12:04 bloom_sp whyyy
10:12:06 horiapv there is a mic in that moon painting :D
10:12:18 warningtrack So yeah, basic idea is that one player is the Spy, in a fancy cocktail party. All the other guests are NPCs. The Spy has to accomplish missions. The other player is the Sniper, watching from outside with one bullet, trying to figure out which guest is the Spy.
10:12:19 mionies the waiter looks a little pale
10:12:27 horiapv it’s a nice game
10:12:29 horiapv :)
10:12:30 sirlyndrix looks a bit like the stealth system from Assassins creed :P (luv it)
10:12:30 necro_ninja the room looks a little cramped…
10:12:33 warningtrack Waiter = old art. Ditto for the security guard. They get updates last.
10:12:48 warningtrack Hey, at those real estate prices, this is what lots of high-rises get you.
10:13:17 warningtrack What just happened there was that he tried to complete a mission called Bug the Ambassador, and he kinda slammed into her, and varanas saw it.
10:13:18 sirlyndrix i like it
10:13:34 riseofwinterchill An AI character would not have stalled in the middle of walking there
10:13:43 sirlyndrix will this be for steam? :D
10:13:48 warningtrack Eventually, yes :)
10:13:50 riseofwinterchill Eventually
10:13:54 sirlyndrix awesome
10:14:00 warningtrack Yeah, they wouldn’t do the “bug” animation, and they wouldn’t stop dead like that for 5 seconds in the middle of the room either.
10:14:07 warningtrack varanas is pretty experienced so he noticed
10:14:15 sirlyndrix what price range could i expect or is there like no guess for that yet?
10:14:21 riseofwinterchill $15
10:14:23 bloom_sp it’s $15
10:14:33 riseofwinterchill But there might be deals later to get 2 copies so you can play with a friend
10:14:34 warningtrack $15 gets you immediate access, and all updates including the final game
10:14:45 theharribokid it’s out, you can buy it now, just not from steam atm
10:14:51 riseofwinterchill Also there are many maps, not just this apartment
10:15:04 sirlyndrix lol for a sec i taught it said ‘Totally the waiter” :P now i noticed it’s Toby
10:15:05 riseofwinterchill The gameplay is quite different on larger/smaller maps, so lots of replayability
10:15:13 warningtrack Yeah, two high-res art maps, and a lot of low-res ones. They’re transitioning to the new art.
10:15:16 bloom_sp Yeah, though only 2 maps with pretty graphics right now
10:15:27 warningtrack High skill curve, rewards lots of playing and studying
10:15:43 warningtrack I’ve got something like 250+ hours for my $15, so I’m playing with house money
10:15:57 necro_ninja Banana Bread.
10:16:02 warningtrack Community is super nice, experienced players regularly help and tutor newer ones.
10:16:39 theharribokid Bananna bread is the secret code word the spy says to contact the double agent
10:16:39 ccrozier What the hell is this lol
10:16:58 sirlyndrix it’s funny ccrozier
10:17:14 zigglett The game looks sooooo good now
10:17:16 bloom_sp It’s called SPyParty, a competitive multiplayer game at a fancy cocktail party
10:17:26 zigglett I haven’t played in several months
10:17:27 riseofwinterchill It’s a 1v1 game where one player is a spy at a party trying to accomplish missions, while another player is a sniper outside trying to figure out which party guest is the human, and shoot them
10:17:42 horiapv Peace means realoading your guns Sniper :D
10:17:43 warningtrack Only one guest at the party is the Spy/human. Rest are NPCs/AIs
10:17:50 bloom_sp No pressure chris, only 600 people watching
10:18:04 ipaukko PogChamp
10:18:08 riseofwinterchill The spy will try to do things like seduce another guest, or plant a bug on the ambassador
10:18:12 warningtrack So you have to accomplish missions while blending in so as not to give yourself away.
10:18:22 ipaukko This game is PogChamp
10:18:31 warningtrack It’s the parts of a Spy movie that don’t involve jumping out of airplanes wearing skis.
10:18:38 ipaukko PogChamp is life PogChamp is Love
10:18:41 eclipson I’m pretty sure I have seen something like this before just with much lower graphics
10:18:43 jecat2 woah, where did all the viewers come from ?
10:18:45 riseofwinterchill Yes
10:18:51 ipaukko PogChamp is better than Kappa
10:18:55 necro_ninja the viewers came from the front page
10:18:55 riseofwinterchill The same game, but it has better art now
10:18:58 bloom_sp Front page jecat :)
10:19:02 ipaukko PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
10:19:03 eclipson @Jecat2 Stream is on front page. Atleast that is how I got here
10:19:07 ccrozier Does the sniper only have one shot?
10:19:11 warningtrack Yup
10:19:13 riseofwinterchill Yes, one shot
10:19:15 warningtrack They shoot, game ends
10:19:19 jecat2 yo warning
10:19:23 warningtrack Also ends if time runs out, which keeps the Spy moving
10:19:25 warningtrack Yo Jecat!
10:19:52 mo0nz hello all
10:19:53 warningtrack This game makes me feel more like an actual Spy than any Call of Duty game.
10:20:28 kelpocalypse moons Kreygasm
10:20:31 riseofwinterchill So there, the spy managed to get 4 missions done
10:20:34 riseofwinterchill So they win
10:20:40 mo0nz Kelp!
10:20:48 warningtrack Nice.
10:20:52 spyparty hey moons!
10:21:11 mo0nz hey checker!
10:21:14 spyparty you want to do your 1k birthday game?
10:21:18 mo0nz this 60fps high rise Kreygasm
10:21:19 spyparty game(s)
10:21:24 egotyst ive been a beta tester for a while. this game is amazing
10:21:26 egotyst very hard though
10:21:29 spyparty yeah, the optimizations worked pretty well
10:21:30 mo0nz yeah don’t worry keep playing
10:21:31 warningtrack True on both counts.
10:21:38 warningtrack Can’t wait for the blog post on the optimizations. Love that stuff
10:21:54 egotyst if you are of disparate skill, it is soooo easy to destroy people
10:21:56 necro_ninja If i wasn’t broke, I’d buy it.
10:21:59 necro_ninja But I’m broke
10:22:05 warningtrack Hehe, true, but most good players are willing to handicap and tutor.
10:22:17 mo0nz alright
10:22:18 egotyst oh, yeah. the community is great!
10:22:24 warningtrack Given the amount of time you can get out of the game already as-is, it’s a steal. I’d buy it over whatever game you decide to buy next.
10:22:41 jecat2 whats the music in the background chris?
10:22:43 warningtrack We’re talking Skyrim-is-$5-on-the-Steam-Summer-Sale in terms of dollar to playtime ratio
10:22:44 riseofwinterchill You do need to be playing against people of similar skill level, but there are enough players that you’ll never be short of a challenge.
10:22:58 bobbyezr new art looks nice Chris
10:23:03 warningtrack Yeah, and lots of players play better ones, lose a fair bit, but learn a ton in the process.
10:23:13 egotyst i havent played on the new patch yet, though. looks great. I have only seen modern at the pool party, not the other ones
10:23:22 bloom_sp Warningtrack can you make one of those extended ads where it shows people playing other games in black and white and sad then it cuts to you in colour having the best tim ewith spyparty
10:23:24 daetnas Is the the dev?
10:23:27 theharribokid yeah, playing people who are bettertthan you is part of getting better
10:23:31 daetnas he*
10:23:39 riseofwinterchill He is the dev, yes
10:23:40 jecat2 yuh
10:23:45 warningtrack Hahaha. I have pretty modest video editing skills, but that’s a good idea.
10:23:51 bobbyezr Best dev in the universe he is ^^
10:24:09 warningtrack Not only is the dev, but he’s pretty much THE dev. Another guy does art, but otherwise he does everything. Which is mildly insane/impressive.
10:24:12 bobbyezr I am not even kidding, such dedication
10:24:20 egotyst Playing as a spy is really learning how to act like an NPC
10:24:37 warningtrack Yup. Some players deliberately do NPC things to shed suspicion against good Snipers.
10:24:43 warningtrack And that’s where you get into the mind games
10:24:59 egotyst and yes, chris is an amazing dev. He has literally done almost all of this game by himself, from scratch
10:25:04 bobbyezr some players act like players and do obvious stuff to double trick the sniper xD
10:25:04 daetnas What kind of control do you have of your character. Do you exactly control the movement or just between predefined points?
10:25:09 warningtrack If you learn this game with a friend simultaneously, it can be hilarious.
10:25:12 riseofwinterchill You control movement fully
10:25:14 egotyst WASD and mouse
10:25:28 warningtrack You don’t have to orchestrate all the talking movements. You choose to talk, though
10:25:28 eclipson Does the red line indicate where the sniper is looking?
10:25:30 riseofwinterchill As well as all your actions, like deciding to take a drink, or checking your watch at windows.
10:25:31 warningtrack Yes.
10:25:33 riseofwinterchill Yes
10:25:34 warningtrack Well, where the cursor is
10:25:36 riseofwinterchill That’s the sniper’s laser
10:25:38 warningtrack Good Snipers use that to fake out Spies
10:25:40 daetnas Doesn’t that give away that you’re not an NPC? Not going in a straight line?
10:25:43 necro_ninja Is this supposed to be the bigger map?
10:25:47 warningtrack Eyes go in one place, laser in another
10:25:54 warningtrack No, the big maps are in the old art style for now
10:25:56 riseofwinterchill This is one of 6-7 maps, and it’s fairly small
10:26:02 bobbyezr So just tuned in, does Chris stand a chance against Varanas or is it pretty one sided?
10:26:06 riseofwinterchill The larger maps have 20 guests
10:26:17 warningtrack Like this: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140324035304/spyparty/images/e/ea/Veranda.png
10:26:17 egotyst I wish you could use the mouse wheel to scroll between options at a given point, if you have more than one
10:26:20 riseofwinterchill largest*
10:26:21 warningtrack You can.
10:26:26 egotyst really?
10:26:29 warningtrack Yup.
10:26:32 bloom_sp yeah
10:26:38 warningtrack I never do it the other way
10:26:43 egotyst list time i played that didnt seem to be working
10:26:46 thelegendaryhater game looks gay developer looks gay games gonna fail
10:26:46 zoe1cat2 hi4
10:26:53 bloom_sp i only use q e when i really need to be fast
10:26:53 necro_ninja what If one took out the dividers in this map to make it larger?
10:27:03 egotyst you owuld think a legendary hater would be a bit more original
10:27:08 zoe1cat2 ya
10:27:08 warningtrack Er, yeah, banned.
10:27:09 riseofwinterchill There is only art done for 10 characters
10:27:21 riseofwinterchill So once there is more art done, the map will be opened up
10:27:21 warningtrack Yeah, not enough high res models to accommodate such a large map just yet.
10:27:28 zoe1cat2 can he hear the messages are wdo?
10:27:32 elcapac can you smack that ladies booty?
10:27:36 zoe1cat2 good
10:27:51 zoe1cat2 can u shout out our names?
10:27:58 egotyst is chris doing the actual modelling, too?
10:28:07 warningtrack Some of it, I believe.
10:28:10 daetnas I’d love to have maps like Hitman Blood Money’s Wedding map
10:28:10 bobbyezr why ban constructive criticism?
10:28:21 warningtrack I don’t grant your premise.
10:28:23 crazylotus lmao
10:28:25 zoe1cat2 :D
10:28:30 necro_ninja we need a Christipher Walken guest
10:28:36 zoe1cat2 Yay!
10:28:37 necro_ninja *Cristopher
10:28:44 warningtrack #InternetFamous
10:28:47 cegon11 why ban constructive criticism?
10:28:49 riseofwinterchill Chris did a stream of making the old-art version of the apartment map
10:29:00 warningtrack Nobody banned constructive criticism. Troll better.
10:29:19 zoe1cat2 Do you play minecraft? xD
10:29:37 crazylotus LOL
10:29:56 warningtrack #OccupyJohnCimino
10:30:00 johnwiththed Do you give away a game?^^
10:30:05 zoe1cat2 k
10:30:15 necro_ninja two waiters?
10:30:23 warningtrack One is the security guard, Damon.
10:30:29 necro_ninja i see
10:30:33 zoe1cat2 awesome
10:30:34 riseofwinterchill I don’t think there are giveaways on stream, but it is $15 which is pretty good value considering how much time you can play it
10:30:35 egotyst the only thing about this game that is suspect is once the community gets ahold of it
10:30:47 egotyst being the spy, on twitch chat, is a huge cheat
10:30:53 egotyst so easy to cheat
10:30:59 warningtrack Well, that’s only if you stream
10:31:09 warningtrack In competitive play while streaming, you just stream with a 5 minute delay
10:31:11 egotyst damn that was good
10:31:17 egotyst oh, of course
10:31:23 warningtrack Also, one of the next features to go in is Spectation, anyway
10:31:24 egotyst i mean casuals, only
10:31:26 necro_ninja nope, he’s professor X
10:31:29 theharribokid also you could just delay your stream longer so it doesn’t matter if you are streaming
10:31:56 egotyst there is a very big trust issue necessary between players. but the community is great, so it shouldnt be a problem
10:32:15 elcapac Are you able to see through clothing, that lady is hot
10:32:22 riseofwinterchill If you were known to cheat, no-one would play against you
10:32:57 rubyrubay seriously? everything else there is to talk about in this game and you ask if you can see a fake person naked?
10:33:23 eclipson lol
10:33:31 warningtrack The Internet, ladies and gentlemen.
10:33:47 crazylotus twitch chat at 10:30
10:34:11 zoe1cat2 your the lady :3
10:34:13 elcapac Are you able to order beer?
10:34:38 riseofwinterchill Each guest orders different drinks. The general has beer.
10:34:41 zoe1cat2 Nice disguise!
10:34:43 joppe321 I like dis game
10:34:57 elcapac omg!
10:35:06 daetnas Those are predefined talking spots?
10:35:15 riseofwinterchill The circles on the floor are, yes
10:35:16 daetnas You can’t talk anywhere on the map?
10:35:17 egotyst “conversation circles”
10:35:24 egotyst you talk to pepole in the circles
10:35:45 riseofwinterchill Though you can flirt with someone at the windows, the bookcases, or in a few other places.
10:35:46 akenginseer I have no idea whats going on BibleThump
10:35:52 pigbuster You can flirt with people in the squares, but you can only talk inside the circles.
10:36:02 egotyst @Akenginseer one player is a spy, one is a sniper hunting the spy
10:36:03 fifapapi Same here
10:36:17 elcapac Are you able to hump people and not get kicked out of the party?
10:36:19 egotyst @Akenginseer the spy has to complete missions (as showin in the top lefthand corner)
10:36:45 egotyst @Akenginseer based on how sneaky they are, the sniper may see them do the mission
10:36:45 riseofwinterchill It’s a 1v1 game where one player is a spy at a party, trying to accomplish missions like planting a bug and snatching the guest list.
10:37:03 riseofwinterchill The other player is a sniper, trying to figure out which of the guests is the (human) spy, and shoot them.
10:37:04 pigbuster The main thing here is one of the spy’s missions is to steal the guest list from the waiter’s tray, and if the spy sees it fade out he can know who did it. That’s the purloin they keep talking about.
10:37:04 warningtrack @Elcapac Can you do that without getting kicked out of real parties?
10:37:06 egotyst @Akenginseer if the sniper thinks they get the right person, they shoot them
10:37:27 elcapac Are you able to take that lady to a room and plant a bug in her underwear?
10:37:39 riseofwinterchill The gameplay involves a lot of mind games and cleverness.
10:37:39 egotyst each mission has a specific “tell” that the sniper is looking for.
10:38:03 egotyst if you do the mission well, there is little to no givaway. If you do it poorly, there is a huge givaway
10:38:06 riseofwinterchill The sniper can’t monitor *everything*, so you need to learn what the sniper is looking for and try to work around it.
10:38:25 riseofwinterchill Similarly, when you’re sniping, you have to try figure out how the spy wants to play.
10:38:39 lordwukits Sweet!!! Love that you’re streming now!
10:38:44 warningtrack Yeah, your attention is a resource.
10:38:44 egotyst good banana
10:38:52 riseofwinterchill They might try to distract you, or sneak a mission in right under your nose
10:39:48 egotyst @Akenginseer any other questions? feel free to ask. The community is super-helpful to new players
10:40:10 mordelak how much players???
10:40:15 egotyst see how he got really focused in on that old woman? He missed the letter being stolen from the waiters tray
10:40:17 egotyst 2 at a time
10:40:24 warningtrack One Spy, one Sniper. The rest are NPCs
10:40:27 riseofwinterchill It’s a 1v1 game, but the community is decently populated
10:40:37 warningtrack Spy has to accomplish missions while blending in with the NPCs so they don’t get caught/shot
10:40:50 elcapac Can you invite more people to a party? Theres only 9 and 2 waiters who only serve yellow drinks
10:40:57 warningtrack Hair!!
10:41:04 warningtrack Didn’t like that path.
10:41:08 riseofwinterchill This is a map where there’s only a few guests, but some maps have bigger rooms and more guests.
10:41:10 warningtrack Yup.
10:41:27 elcapac Where’s the dj?
10:41:28 riseofwinterchill So it’s more taxing on the sniper’s attention, but typically the spy has to do more missions to make up for it.
10:41:28 warningtrack I wasn’t watching until the end but the briefcase/path gave it away
10:41:38 para9 15 dollar donation for open beta ? What a good deal Kappa
10:41:41 ixxpretentiousxxi Banana bread?
10:41:49 crazylotus bandana bread
10:41:55 warningtrack You get all updates and the full game when it comes out. And it’s already tuned for high level play as-is.
10:41:58 riseofwinterchill “Banana Bread” is the code word that the spy says to the double agent
10:41:59 egotyst @para it is totally worth it
10:42:06 ixxpretentiousxxi Cheers.
10:42:23 elcapac They are exchanging Banna bread at a party? weird…
10:42:27 ixxpretentiousxxi I remember reading about this game in some magazine, Game Informer or IGN or something, and I saw this stream and decided to tune in
10:42:32 para9 @EGOtyst . I bet it is, why pay 15 dollars for a real game when I can almost play this same thing 100 times. I love it Kappa
10:42:32 riseofwinterchill The sniper can hear when it happens, and try to figure out who might be the spy, because for the mission to complete, the spy and the double agent have to be in the same conversation circle
10:42:40 daetnas How can you fake banana bread? I mean the double agent hears it anyway
10:42:41 ixxpretentiousxxi This looks super cool, even though I don’t understand most of it :P
10:42:56 hating_your_mom Thats because it is super cool!
10:43:04 warningtrack Yep.
10:43:06 egotyst @Daetnas fake banaa bread is done with the double agent in a different conversation circle than you are in
10:43:08 elcapac It looks like a wanna b Sims with no DJ and less people
10:43:21 riseofwinterchill It’s a 1v1 game where one player is a spy at a party, trying to accomplish missions like planting a bug and snatching the guest list. The other player is a sniper, trying to figure out which of the guests is the (human) spy, and shoot them.
10:43:34 spyparty and a sinper rifle
10:43:36 jdx45 hello what game is dis?
10:43:45 warningtrack SpyParty! Check out the crawl on the stream video
10:43:55 warningtrack The fact that any game with normal looking people is compared to The Sims shows you just how few games there are with normal looking people
10:44:14 egotyst @Warningtrack what mouse button do you click for action tests? mine always seem to fuck up, and i cant figure out why
10:44:27 warningtrack Depends on the test. Have you tried another mouse?
10:44:33 daetnas I think it’s more because of the bright cartoony style
10:44:37 para9 Wuuuu I can’t wait to give 15 dollars for this open beta just so I can wait 2 more years while this dude goes to vacations with all our money and updates on twitter “UPDATE COMING SOON”
10:44:43 jaypuck i need to see if i still have this installed, bought it forever ago. looks like you’ve added new characters?
10:44:49 warningtrack It’s worth the money now, bro.
10:44:53 elcapac lol Para9
10:45:02 egotyst @Warningtrack wait… the test is dependent on the button that starts it?
10:45:08 riseofwinterchill The style is done so that the party isn’t tied to a particular time or place.
10:45:19 warningtrack Believe so, yeah. I do it without thinking so it’s weirdly hard to remember without playing.
10:45:31 warningtrack Yeah, it’s a timeless, illustrative art style. Up close it doesn’t look particularly cartoony.
10:45:42 egotyst gotcha. Anyone else know the answer?
10:45:45 riseofwinterchill On this map they’re in a modern house with a pool, but there’s also an apartment and an old ballroom.
10:45:46 para9 Ofcourse it’s worth the money, for 15 dollars you can’t get any good game on stea… oh wait…
10:46:05 warningtrack That’s pretty much a total non-sequitur, but okay.
10:46:06 egotyst no time to seduce!
10:46:11 malvina_ Titanic?
10:46:21 riseofwinterchill If you prefer to wait until the game’s out, that’s okay too
10:46:21 elcapac lol Para9
10:46:28 para9 Look it even has words and shit when you click on stuff.
10:46:35 crazylotus 0/10 troll better @Para9
10:46:43 daetnas Would it be easy for a sniper to find a spy that’s rushing objectives?
10:46:49 egotyst yes
10:46:51 riseofwinterchill Sometimes
10:46:52 warningtrack Usually yeah
10:46:52 egotyst potentially….
10:47:04 warningtrack But it can be a good strategy. Lots of Snipers will notice the activity but assume they couldn’t be finished yet.
10:47:05 malvina_ ka;
10:47:06 elcapac Can i push the wheel chair guy off the building?
10:47:10 jdx45 I got question from a future dev to a real dev: how many hours have you (just you assuming youre a programmer) spent into developing the game to this stage? And how many members does your team have? (the whole team developing the game) approximate answer will be fine and very much appreciated
10:47:12 egotyst but the longer you are a spy, the more likely you are to path poorly
10:47:13 riseofwinterchill If you rush, the sniper might not see 1-2 things, so they might suspect you but not be confident enough to take the shot
10:47:22 para9 crazylotus , were you adopted ?
10:47:29 para9 by a spy ?
10:47:31 iamthegrinder Elcapac: Can i push the wheel chair guy off the building? – now thats a real question
10:47:32 bloom_sp this guy is the sole developer
10:47:38 egotyst yes
10:47:48 para9 bloom_sp . so this guy developes shoe soles ?
10:47:49 egotyst @Riseofwinterchill do you know the answer to the mouse click thing?
10:47:53 ixxpretentiousxxi Is there a bigger penalty for shooting the wrong target? Is there a reason that the sniper will let the timer run out?
10:47:57 riseofwinterchill @Jdx: There’s 2-3 people on the team; Checker (streaming), John Cimono (artist), and someone helps with the press stuff as well I think
10:47:57 joppe321 giveaway?
10:47:59 crazylotus @Para9 I’m not obligated to answer that
10:48:05 riseofwinterchill @Egotyst: ‘fraid not
10:48:09 warningtrack Homonym humor: so fresh.
10:48:19 lordwukits I’m amazed to see that people don’t “Take the shot” When time is running out. Every game I played there is a rush to try to shoot me if time is low.
10:48:20 para9 crazylotus , you aren’t obligated to do shit, but you are still a fagg0t
10:48:29 crazylotus lmao trying to hard
10:48:31 bloom_sp yay excuse to ban that guy
10:48:33 warningtrack Byeeeee
10:48:40 riseofwinterchill @Ixxpretentiousxxi: If you shoot the wrong person, you lose
10:48:42 elcapac 4 years? dang man my respects…. Trolling off
10:48:56 riseofwinterchill Often spies will try to bait the sniper into shooting towards the end
10:48:58 iamthegrinder 4 years on this game
10:49:02 iamthegrinder my condoleances
10:49:02 egotyst @CHRIS what mouse button do I click to do the action tests?! left only, or is it dependent on the click I used ot start it?!
10:49:06 riseofwinterchill So the sniper shouldn’t always shoot
10:49:10 jdx45 ty very much for your answer sir
10:49:17 warningtrack I believe it’s dependent on the click you use. But just go into Practice and try it out! :)
10:49:18 dodzzzzzzzzz wait
10:49:19 ixxpretentiousxxi Oh, right, because the spy can run out of time and lose. Dur.
10:49:19 dodzzzzzzzzz chris
10:49:22 dodzzzzzzzzz i have a question
10:49:27 dodzzzzzzzzz i cant seee you in the lobby?
10:49:35 dodzzzzzzzzz oh no
10:49:36 dodzzzzzzzzz i cam
10:49:36 reduxfm double negative
10:49:37 riseofwinterchill Some spies are amazing at timing their missions to finish right at the last second though
10:49:40 dodzzzzzzzzz n*
10:49:52 riseofwinterchill So sometimes you do have to take risky shots
10:49:55 warningtrack Yeah, Spy wins two ways: accomplish missions, or Sniper shoots wrong person.
10:49:59 egotyst but like i said, the longer you wait, the more time you have to mess up
10:50:03 purple_monkey_butts hi
10:50:03 warningtrack Sniper wins two ways: shoot Spy, or time runs out before Spy finishes missions
10:50:18 jaypuck s’truth about the community. when i bought it a couple of years ago the people were really helpful and gave tips and stuff after games
10:50:25 warningtrack We still are! :)
10:50:39 hating_your_mom i just joined and only 5 people are online :\
10:50:59 warningtrack It’s work hours in PT/ET zones.
10:51:01 varanas64 hello everyone
10:51:03 jecat2 you only have to play against 1 person
10:51:03 daetnas I think I read that there will possibly be a mode with 2 teams of a sniper and a spy. Any truth to that?
10:51:06 spyparty it’s a small community right now
10:51:11 spyparty okay, moons is at http://live.gamercide.org/user/spyparty&mo0nz
10:51:17 iamthegrinder and it wil remain so
10:51:21 jaypuck plus its a thinking persons game, so target audience is pretty small…
10:51:22 lordwukits Wait… so spy wins if the wrong persons shot? About a week or so ago, wrong shots didnt reflect on anybody.
10:51:24 warningtrack We shall see.
10:51:32 warningtrack Wrong shots have always been Spy wins
10:51:33 riseofwinterchill Many players are in USWest, so if you try again in a few hours there should be more.
10:51:40 lordwukits As in no one won.
10:51:58 warningtrack Shooting a civilian has been a Spy win as long as I can remember.
10:52:06 warningtrack No way to tie
10:52:13 hating_your_mom i usualy play with my friend so it is fine
10:52:20 lordwukits The counter updates too?
10:52:26 warningtrack Yeah, that’s the most fun way to learn at first.
10:52:28 varanas64 and timeouts are sniper wins
10:52:44 princemaedhros game is looking quite interesting. i like what i’ve seen so far
10:52:52 purple_monkey_butts how are you guys
10:52:55 riseofwinterchill It is very cool
10:53:06 warningtrack Yeah, super deep, and unique. I love it.
10:53:14 daetnas I like the game too, but I’m waiting for it to be finished.
10:53:28 daetnas doI don’t want to spoil it for myself before it’s complete
10:54:55 arcadus07 BANANA BREAD
10:55:55 dodzzzzzzzzz Guys, this game is like one of the best games ever, there is basically a sniper and a spy!The Spy is trying to blend in the party doing some mission while the other player (SNIPER) is trying to figure out who the spy is by seeing him doing the missions! A Pretty cool, fun, unique game about subtle behavior! If you guys wanna buy it make sure to go to http://www.spyparty.com/
10:56:12 egotyst @Princemaedhros yeah, it is very cool
10:56:17 warningtrack Word.
10:56:26 egotyst and dodzzzz just started
10:56:33 dodzzzzzzzzz Warning Track, you like what i did there :D?
10:56:41 dodzzzzzzzzz A cool ad for the people
10:56:46 askir Just got here, any link to the release notes?
10:56:56 manaray007 did the sound go out?
10:57:07 warningtrack Don’t think they’re on the forum just yet. Previous stream shows the new build update, though, if that’s what you mean
10:57:10 warningtrack Sound still here.
10:57:12 riseofwinterchill I think it’s mostly optimisations
10:57:13 dodzzzzzzzzz http://www.spyparty.com/ This is the link askir
10:57:14 manaray007 wait nvm
10:57:32 manaray007 what does it mean by purloin guest list?
10:57:33 warningtrack Yeah, running a lot better on older setups now.
10:57:41 warningtrack Steal the guest list from the waiter’s tray
10:57:43 riseofwinterchill The waiter has a guest list on his tray
10:57:49 riseofwinterchill The spy can steal it while taking a drink
10:57:49 warningtrack Sniper can see when it’s gone, though.
10:57:59 dodzzzzzzzzz CHRIS, the stream name is wrong
10:58:36 rapidrage whoa the replay camera is awesome
10:58:55 reduxfm watching it in dual stream is great, until they start talking to each other
10:59:13 warningtrack Yeah, five camera modes, including Free Camera.
10:59:14 12nihad12 Hello
10:59:14 spyparty thanks, stream name fixed!
10:59:18 dodzzzzzzzzz Guys, this game is like one of the best games ever, there is basically a sniper and a spy!The Spy is trying to blend in the party doing some mission while the other player ( SNIPER ) is trying to figure out who the spy is by seeing him doing the missions! A Pretty cool, fun, unique game about subtle behavior! If you guys wanna buy it make sure to go to http://www.spyparty.com/
10:59:22 riseofwinterchill Striped books vs dotted books?
10:59:24 lordwukits Whats the other stream channel?
10:59:27 dodzzzzzzzzz YOu like that ad chris :D
10:59:33 varanas64 yeah, best to mute one in between games
10:59:36 warningtrack Sure. :)
10:59:42 hating_your_mom yeah great game 15 bucks well spent
10:59:43 riseofwinterchill You can see it on the video in blue text
10:59:50 jaypuck http://live.gamercide.org/user/spyparty&mo0nz
10:59:53 jaypuck to watch both streams
11:01:25 warningtrack Yeah, good way to get high level games: wait in the lobby 30 minutes before a ladder match. Both players usually want warmup games, heh
11:02:21 jecat2 what’s the ETA on new-art toby and damon?
11:02:24 jecat2 they are super creepy
11:02:31 riseofwinterchill Apparently they will be last
11:02:32 warningtrack He says they’ll be last after the other 10 new guests
11:02:43 riseofwinterchill Sad, but I guess gameplay has to come first
11:03:25 jecat2 @Riseofwinterchill what’s your name in game? I havent seen you around
11:04:00 riseofwinterchill I haven’t got around to buying it yet :O Paypal is a big hassle for me
11:04:23 riseofwinterchill I watch streams from time to time though
11:04:39 seeweeddude DAMN, spy party is looking pretty good. Well, compared to what I’ve seen before
11:04:48 riseofwinterchill Yeah the new art is sweet
11:05:14 lordwukits Thanks for the link!
11:06:54 dodzzzzzzzzz I am the TS btw XD
11:07:01 daetnas What was the inspiration for the old Lady?
11:07:09 daetnas It reminds me of Archer’s mother
11:07:19 trevnewt there are two old ladies!
11:07:30 daetnas Not the queen
11:07:32 daetnas The other
11:07:43 warningtrack Everyone calls her Helen Mirren
11:08:43 warningtrack Ballroom is feasible now. Maybe a SLIGHT ramp would be good.
11:09:22 varanas64 why you got to bug so late?
11:09:30 warningtrack Late to the Party.
11:09:53 trevnewt is this level going to open up once more characters are in the game?
11:09:56 warningtrack Somebody deputize Varanas or Jecat or somebody as a Mod, I’ve gotta run.
11:09:59 warningtrack Trev: yes.
11:10:02 riseofwinterchill I think that’s the plan, yes
11:10:03 egotyst @trev yes
11:10:05 trevnewt ah, thanks
11:10:12 riseofwinterchill You can see some statues in the back
11:10:20 varanas64 yeah, it’s just way too much space for 10 characters
11:10:29 warningtrack So now it just sits there, teasing us.
11:10:44 egotyst do any of you ever do the check watch for no time
11:10:57 warningtrack Yup.
11:11:00 egotyst as a fake out
11:11:10 warningtrack Well, it’s just something to do to look inconspicuous
11:11:11 riseofwinterchill If you didn’t, then someone who never checks their watch would become a tell
11:11:12 varanas64 not as a fake out, just to blend in
11:11:17 egotyst TINA TURNER
11:11:26 egotyst JULIA ROBERTS
11:11:31 bloom_sp she looks like holly golightly to me
11:11:38 warningtrack You are both correct!
11:11:43 varanas64 I think the ai does it roughly half of the time
11:11:57 egotyst Moustache = Gable
11:12:03 djkretz oprah
11:12:04 riseofwinterchill Papa Danger won’t change
11:12:04 varanas64 Is the plan for pun names?
11:12:05 warningtrack Yeah, I think Gable. Some people say Walt Disney
11:12:11 warningtrack Cal Umney FTW
11:12:27 egotyst What do people call lara croft?
11:12:27 ixxpretentiousxxi Does the security guy serve a purpose? Also, is there a reason he and the waiter look like mannequins?
11:12:41 warningtrack They’re the old art style; not updated yet.
11:12:41 riseofwinterchill He runs over when a guest is shot, but otherwise no
11:12:47 warningtrack Security guy will serve a purpose soon though
11:12:50 warningtrack New features going in that involve him
11:12:52 jecat2 they havent been updated to the new art yet
11:13:15 riseofwinterchill The guests are getting new art first
11:13:23 dodzzzzzzzzz Hey chris, i got a question, is there a problem being in the TS??
11:13:23 riseofwinterchill Since that affects gameplay and takes more time to tune
11:13:44 egotyst @pretentious he is holdover art from the old art style
11:13:50 dodzzzzzzzzz chris is there a problem being in the ts??
11:13:53 warningtrack Usually people stay out of checker’s channel if he’s streaming unless they’re playing him. But in the other channels, not at all! :)
11:14:11 warningtrack But yeah, we usually keep just the people playing on stream in the one channel, to be polite.
11:14:21 dodzzzzzzzzz oh ok
11:14:27 egotyst this is such good sniper practice
11:14:30 riseofwinterchill You can hear it all here wnyway
11:14:35 warningtrack Yeah
11:14:41 warningtrack Alright, later guys! Great stream!
11:14:47 warningtrack Hope to see a few of you in the beta soon
11:14:49 bloom_sp bye!
11:14:50 varanas64 cya warning
11:14:51 dodzzzzzzzzz wait
11:14:51 trevnewt see ya!
11:14:51 riseofwinterchill ciao
11:14:54 dodzzzzzzzzz stream is done?
11:14:57 dodzzzzzzzzz bye
11:15:01 dodzzzzzzzzz is stream done?
11:15:04 warningtrack Nope
11:15:05 jecat2 no
11:15:05 dodzzzzzzzzz cause i can still see it
11:15:07 warningtrack I just gotta run.
11:15:08 dodzzzzzzzzz oh opk
11:15:11 dodzzzzzzzzz ok
11:15:18 dodzzzzzzzzz FrankerZ Bye
11:15:24 dodzzzzzzzzz FuzzyOtterOO
11:15:24 warningtrack Dog bye to you as well
11:15:48 dodzzzzzzzzz cya around
11:16:00 dodzzzzzzzzz ShoopDaWhoop
11:16:31 egotyst SHOTOOTOOOT
11:16:50 b0b0fet This game is fascinating…although I don’t get it all quite yet…the subtleties.
11:17:16 hating_your_mom its not hard to learn bobo
11:18:07 daetnas Why is there an overtime? If the spy finishes it before the time is out why doesn’t he win
11:18:30 egotyst @B0b0fet there are some subtleties, to be sure, but it is certainly worth it
11:18:35 varanas64 there’s a 10 second counter after the last mission before the spy wins
11:18:51 egotyst @Daetnas because ther is ALWAYS 10 seconds after the last mission
11:19:02 varanas64 to give the sniper a chance to catch the last mission
11:19:05 pigbuster So if the spy does the last mission at 3 seconds there’s gonna be 7 extra seconds after 0
11:19:12 egotyst yes
11:19:13 varanas64 yep
11:19:29 egotyst @B0b0fet ask if you want to know anything about it
11:20:33 galecia So this is like 1v1?
11:20:38 egotyst yes
11:20:42 galecia Alright
11:20:44 egotyst not like, but IS
11:20:47 egotyst ;)
11:21:07 egotyst 1v1 asymettric gameplay
11:21:29 egotyst bad purloin…
11:21:38 varanas64 At some point in the future there’ll be other modes, but for now checker is focusing on the core gameplay, i.e. 1 spy vs 1 sniper
11:21:54 chrishanel *salutes checker*
11:22:50 varanas64 haha, I see it
11:22:54 chrishanel i see it too lol
11:22:57 jecat2 sleep depravation
11:23:16 reduxfm and a new nichname was born
11:23:17 daetnas yup
11:23:22 reduxfm nick*
11:23:40 reduxfm or is he name after an actor too
11:23:47 egotyst get ready for the next…
11:23:49 reduxfm named*
11:23:52 ixxpretentiousxxi Spy v Spy :o
11:23:59 egotyst guys, dont get turned off by the bad graphics
11:24:05 egotyst remember, chris did it all by himself
11:25:12 daetnas 30 second matches? :O
11:25:17 jaypuck and the graphics aren’t that bad
11:25:24 egotyst lol, yeah
11:25:29 egotyst i found them fine
11:25:36 egotyst but a lot of people get pissy really easliy
11:25:39 varanas64 the beautiful graphics on the other hand are done by John Cimino
11:25:47 egotyst yes
11:26:09 jaypuck too many people are suckered in by appearance vs gameplay. gameplay on this game is better than any game i’ve played in years
11:26:13 romashq stopped bla-bla-bla-bla, go game
11:26:37 egotyst @Jaypuck you are preaching to the choir with me and that point.
11:26:56 egotyst @Jaypuck but the average twitch chat…
11:27:06 jaypuck yeah, i feel ya egotyst
11:27:15 daetnas That sounds great, but aren’t half of the characters missing yet?
11:27:21 laplaydoh Does this game run on mac?
11:27:24 egotyst @chris holy shit that sounds great
11:27:33 klgraham Dota introduces complexity gently?
11:27:35 pigbuster It doesn’t have a Mac port, but it runs okay in Wineskin
11:27:45 daetnas So behaviors will allow snipers to stomp noobs even more?
11:27:52 varanas64 Yeah, lots of people (including me) run it on mac with wineskin
11:28:16 egotyst @Daetnas it will probably be a chosable option
11:30:53 daetnas Who’s the number one player on the ladder right now?
11:31:01 egotyst @chris action test gives the yes no answer correctly?
11:31:12 egotyst idk…
11:31:33 pigbuster The best role is “the worst party guest”. Drink constantly. Interrupt everyone’s conversations. Walk away when someone’s talking to you. Follow your flirt target around and red test on purpose to bully them away from the bookshelf.
11:31:43 varanas64 There’s no proper ranking yet, but I think virifaux/viriflod is still top by games played
11:32:18 varanas64 oh, you asked about ladder
11:32:52 varanas64 canadianbacon is top of the ladder
11:33:02 daetnas ty
11:33:34 egotyst @chansel for the interrogation you could have the action test answer yes/no for a mission the spy had done? if you pass the test perfect you can lie – no information given to damon. If you fail the test, damon knows youre lying
11:36:08 varanas64 ballroom forever
11:36:51 chrishanel I can’t wait until this game’s userbase grows bigger and patch notes like “the sniper height has been raised .002 inches” are greeted with the most insane ranting and flaming on the forums
11:36:55 chrishanel oh wait… scratch that
11:37:01 chrishanel i never want that to happen.
11:37:08 chrishanel Yes, that’s the correct statement.
11:38:13 daetnas So what’s the spy’s winrate? Kappa
11:39:03 varanas64 I don’t remember the exact statistic, but I think spies win about 45%
11:39:38 egotyst I think it isdifficult to get that tho
11:39:59 egotyst like, a bad spy is wayyyyyyyy worse than being a bad sniper
11:40:00 egotyst like
11:40:21 arcadus07 like
11:40:28 egotyst if you are a bad spy, you cant beat even an average sniper
11:41:00 egotyst but a bad sniper can never get an average spy
11:41:03 ixxpretentiousxxi Green purloin?
11:41:07 egotyst does that make sense?
11:42:01 egotyst more succinct explanation: disparate skill levels favor the sniper heavily
11:42:14 egotyst I htink even skill levels the game is balanced
11:42:39 princemaedhros it was fun to watch
11:42:44 spyparty thanks for watching!
11:42:48 bloom_sp ty
11:43:21 spyparty did all the questions get answered?
11:43:29 spyparty seems like the regulars were on top of it
11:43:45 varanas64 when do you think there’ll be an alternative to paypal for buying spyparty?
11:44:02 varanas64 someone mentioned it, but I don’t know if they’re still here
11:44:02 spyparty not for a couple months probably, I definitely want to do it
11:44:12 spyparty probably stripe and amazon next
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