Day of the Devs Gallery

A fun time was had a Day of the Devs this weekend, courtesy of Double Fine, iam8bit, and a whole lot of cool people from the Bay Area playing games!

As you can see in the pics below, we were in a vault in the basement of The Old Mint in San Francisco. It was basically a metal box with a tiny armored door, with the acoustics and ventilation you’d expect from that description. To combat the accoustics and visual problem, we scavenged for furniture, adjusted the lighting with spare cloth and plastic bags, and John (who lives a couple blocks away) went and got a lamp, and we managed to turn the place into a bit of a cocktail lounge, which is fitting. The touch I’m most proud of is cutting a hole in the plastic light shade I put on the back light so there was a spot on the poster on the back wall. Indie game development is all about making it work!  For the ventilation problem, I brought an industrial shop fan, and it helped, but you still hit a wall of moist when you walked in the door.

Like last year, slappydavis came to town and helped out in the booth, and was awesome.

We also had child labor! Day of the Devs was all-ages this year, so my daughter and a friend came and helped out with training people to play. They did a great job. Of course, they only wanted to train adults; as soon as another kid came up in line, they scrambled to take a break, because bossing adults around the map is fine, but training another kid? NO WAY TOO WEIRD!

We sold copies of the game again with the awesome code cards, and did pretty well. Which reminds me, I need to write up the full report on the sales at PAX and mix in DotD as well.

More pics from the rest of the event are here, and then there was this:

TimOfLegend’s Vine

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