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Human Loadtest Tonight, Monday June 3, 10pm PDT!

Update:  The loadtest was a success, thanks everybody!  It was fun to hang out and chat, and a bunch of other indie game developers showed up as well, including Davey Wreden (Stanley Parable), Alexander Bruce (Antichamber), and David Rosen (Overgrowth), which made it in to a bit of an indie lovefest loadtest!  Fun seemed to be […]

A Perfect Game of SpyParty

I have a lot of stuff queued up to post about, but the other day, tytalus was playing theinfamousnolan and they were streaming both sides,1 and this game happened, and I simply had to write about it. First, since Nolan’s the Sniper in this game, you can sort of play along with him, so watch […]

Gigantic PAX West 2012 SpyParty and Storyteller Gallery!

I believe I have survived PAX West 2012.1  I also know I would not have survived without the absolutely incredible volunteer help from some of the absolutely incredible SpyParty beta testers:  Kamil Chocimski (hunter4hire), David Olsen (canadianbacon), Roger Hanna (ardonite), Dennis Clark (dbfclark), and Kate Welch (kate), not to mention John Cimino and Alice Lee!  […]

SpyParty at Evo 2012 pics!

I’m back from Evo, and finally mostly rested.  It was a lot of fun!  I had no idea what to expect and so I went in with no expectations, and that’s good, because it turned out to be quite different from previous playtests. The show floor was a small part of the overall event, and […]

Competitive Gaming: Come Play SpyParty at Evo in Vegas, July 6th & 7th

I give a lot of lectures on games.  In these lectures, I often talk about games as an art form, and how games are different from the other popular and important art and entertainment forms.  Even though we often get compared to film, I think when games finally fulfill their potential, they will be as […]