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PAX West 2013 Report and Gallery

Another PAX, survived. This one was a little more nuts than usual, and that’s saying something.  Allow me to enumerate the additional levels of difficulty this year: FOUR DAYS LONG instead of three, for 33% more exhaustion! Getting the new artwork playable1 in the game. SpyParty was chosen as the secret final game for the […]

Release notes v0.1.2769.0 – Veranda Double Trouble

New build! This is a relatively quick update since the last one, but with one fairly small change with potentially large consequences on the Veranda map: I’ll write more about this change later, but the impetus for doubling up the statues at the front of Veranda was a series of player-designed and requested game modes. First, […]

Human Loadtest Tonight, Monday June 3, 10pm PDT!

Update:  The loadtest was a success, thanks everybody!  It was fun to hang out and chat, and a bunch of other indie game developers showed up as well, including Davey Wreden (Stanley Parable), Alexander Bruce (Antichamber), and David Rosen (Overgrowth), which made it in to a bit of an indie lovefest loadtest!  Fun seemed to be […]

A Perfect Game of SpyParty

I have a lot of stuff queued up to post about, but the other day, tytalus was playing theinfamousnolan and they were streaming both sides,1 and this game happened, and I simply had to write about it. First, since Nolan’s the Sniper in this game, you can sort of play along with him, so watch […]

Gigantic PAX West 2012 SpyParty and Storyteller Gallery!

I believe I have survived PAX West 2012.1  I also know I would not have survived without the absolutely incredible volunteer help from some of the absolutely incredible SpyParty beta testers:  Kamil Chocimski (hunter4hire), David Olsen (canadianbacon), Roger Hanna (ardonite), Dennis Clark (dbfclark), and Kate Welch (kate), not to mention John Cimino and Alice Lee!  […]