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Evo 2013 Report and Pics

We lived through Evo 2013. At times, it was iffy. You see, a “normal” show, like PAX, lasts from 9 or 10am to about 6pm.  At that point, the guards kick everybody out and you can close up the booth and go to bed or fix the bugs your found that day, or maybe even […]

Live streamed interview tonight, January 10th, 8pm PST (GMT-8)

Sorry for the late notice here, but tonight, Thursday, January 10th at 8pm PST (GMT-8), beta tester and live streamer KY1 will interview me about SpyParty, Spore, and other topics, and in between we’ll play some matches.  We’re going to stream both sides, which is always awesome! Edit:  this happened, and it was a ton of […]

That Yoda Quote About Opening Betas and the PAX West 2012 Guest Indie

My plan seemed like a good one at the time I made it:  get the lobby server backend scalable, use the remaining 12595 uninvited people1 to test that scalability, and then open up the beta, all before PAX West 2012.  Then, when people played SpyParty at little old booth #3002, instead of telling them they […]

Competitive Gaming: Come Play SpyParty at Evo in Vegas, July 6th & 7th

I give a lot of lectures on games.  In these lectures, I often talk about games as an art form, and how games are different from the other popular and important art and entertainment forms.  Even though we often get compared to film, I think when games finally fulfill their potential, they will be as […]

A Small Party at GDC for Playtesters and Press

I decided at pretty close to the last possible minute to have a small “thank you” party for the first set of SpyParty beta playtesters, and I invited some friends from the press who have been covering the game for a while.  Scheduling things during the evening at a big tradeshow like GDC is basically […]