Live streamed interview tonight, January 10th, 8pm PST (GMT-8)

Sorry for the late notice here, but tonight, Thursday, January 10th at 8pm PST (GMT-8), beta tester and live streamer KY1 will interview me about SpyParty, Spore, and other topics, and in between we’ll play some matches.  We’re going to stream both sides, which is always awesome!

Edit:  this happened, and it was a ton of fun!  KY asked some great questions, Vinny showed up and asked questions about Spore, and the vinesauce crew had some great audience questions and played mass-Sniper!  KY posted the whole thing:

It was supposed to go 1 hour, and we went 2 hours and 41 minutes.  Oops.  Since it’s so long, here are some highlights KY picked out:

0:00:00 SpyParty Discussion
0:15:16 Match: Veranda, Courtyard
0:22:00 SpyParty Discussion
0:41:37 Match: Balcony
0:53:10 Spore Discussion (Interviewer: Vinny/Vinesauce)
1:11:43 SpyParty Discussion
1:31:05 Jedi Snipe
1:50:14 Match: Ballroom
2:18:08 Chris says “Banana Bread”
2:20:23 Promotion Replay, Closing Statements

KY streams at, a fun community with hundreds of people watching the stream every night.  There were around 400 when he was streaming SpyParty last night, for example.  The chat there blazes by so fast I think I can only read 1/10th of it even when I’m paying full attention.  KY assures me I don’t have to try to read it while he’s interviewing me.

It occurs to me now as I’m writing this post I should have taken a screenshot when KY was streaming SpyParty last night, but instead, have a tank.

I’m going to stream the interview as well at the SpyParty account, so you can watch both sides of the games we play.  We’ll both post the archives on youtube, and I’ll link them here when they’re up.  If you’re going to listen to both sides, you probably want to mute one or the other unless you like a lot of reverb in your life.

KY has been very patient.  He’s been wanting to interview me about SpyParty since he joined the beta. His playtime is 40:15:02, he’s played 869 games, and he’s going to destroy me when we play, just to be clear. When he first asked, I told him to hold off on the interview until the beta was open, which I assured him would be sometime in October.  Last year.  Since then he’s been playing a lot of SpyParty, being a great member of the community, mentoring new players, and occasionally inquiring about that interview, always politely, until finally I felt bad typing “so close, just hold off a bit longer” for the 50th time, and we decided we’d do an interview now and then another one after the beta was finally open.2

Should be a fun time, so tune in tonight!3

  1. ky in-game because I don’t support capitals in usernames, to the perpetual chargin of ZeroTKA, who will forever be zerotka []
  2. Sooooon! []
  3. Does “tune in” work any more as a saying? []

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  1. Korey (kcmmmmm) says:

    “Does ‘tune in’ work anymore as a saying?”  I’ll allow it.

    Also, I’m super excited about the interview!  Ky mentored me when I first started; he’s a cool guy, and a very positive member of the community.

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