SpyParty New Years Cup Tournament Starting Tonight!

I have a lot of bigger posts queued up, but since this is time-sensitive, I wanted to quickly post that SpyParty beta tester insight‘s New Years Cup is starting tonight, with a match between darwin and drawnonward, and will be streamed live at 1am US PST (GMT-8) at http://twitch.tv/drawnonward. You can also sign up for the SpyParty Streams Notifier to get timely notifications of streams when they go live (one of the queued up posts is about that)! Here are the brackets:

This image should be live updated. If not, click here for the updated brackets!

I hope players do lots more tournaments in the future, and I’m thinking spectation will really help with that when I get it in. Live commentated SpyParty tournaments, so awesome!

Match Schedule

I’ll post these here as they become available, and update it with archives after the games are played:

Match Time Stream? Video?
drawnonward vs darwin Jan 3 1am PST (GMT-8) archived match
slappydavis vs menelaus34 Jan 3 7pm PST (GMT-8), 2pm AEDT archived match
insight vs varanas Jan 3 4pm GMT nope, but recording for youtube
canadianbacon vs james1221 Jan 4 5pm PST archived both sides! bacon & james
charliewoo vs skrymir Jan 4 10am PST  archived match
james1221 vs tytalus Jan 6 7pm CST archived both sides! james & tytalus
charliewoo vs menelaus34 Jan 6 archived match
insight vs bl00dw0lf Jan 9 6pm EST recording, not streaming
darwin vs soolseem Jan 9 6pm PST archived match
james1221 vs darwin Jan 11 10pm EST archived match
menelaus34 vs bl00dw0lf Jan 14 10pm CST archived match
Bronze Match: menelaus34 vs darwin Jan 17 video
1st Place Match: bl00dw0lf vs james1221 Jan 19 9pm CST full commentated live stream!

Player Stats!

tytalus has put together some stats for the players based on the leaderboard information. Eventually I’d like to make all the stats available via an API so people can do cool stuff with them.

The Tournament Rules

This is from insight‘s post on the beta forums introducing the tournament and calling for players.

All are welcome! This is in no way serious competition and players of all skill levels are encouraged to join.

The Format:
The tournament will be organized into a random single elimination style bracket. I’m going to do single elimination in order to make sure this tournament gets finished in a timely fashion. Assuming this runs smoothly I think double elimination would be ideal.

Competitors will be responsible for contacting each other to arrange a mutually agreeable time to play your match. Each group of matches will be played over a period of 3 days. Please do not sign up if there will be periods of three days where you will not be somewhat flexible to find an hour to play.

The Games:
Matches will be played as 6 rounds total. Players can decide to either alternate between spy and sniper, or one player can play 3 rounds as spy in a row, then switch. The player with the least games played plays first as either spy or sniper.

* Players will decide which map format they would like to play. *
* If players cannot decide on a format, they will default to format #1*

Format 1: All rounds are played on Ballroom. Any 3 of 4 missions.

Format 2: Each set is a different map.
– 1st Set: Ballroom. Any 3 of 4 missions.
– 2nd Set: Balcony. Any 2 of 3 missions.
– 3rd Set: Courtyard 2. Any 4 of 5 missions.

If players are tied at the end of the 6 rounds, they go into sudden death. The players play sets of games until one player loses both.

The Schedule:
Each group of matches will be three days in which time all matches must be completed and reported by 12:00am EST ( UTC -5 ). There will be one day in between each round for updating the brackets.

Round: A single game between two players on a single map.
Set: A pair of rounds between two players on a single map, alternating roles.
Match: A collection of sets.

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  1. Yay tournament!  Not much else to say here for now.  :)

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