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Come to PAX and play Monaco and SpyParty!

Been waiting to play SpyParty? Convinced your best friend would always pick the Kung Funky dude in the nehru suit when it’s his turn to be the Spy and you want to shoot him before he bugs the Ambassador? Annoyed that all the game journalists have gotten to play it and you haven’t? Well, now’s […]

Re-re-re-designing a Mission, Part 1

As I teased at the bottom of the last post, I’ve been redesigning and reimplementing what I call “the bookshelf mission”. My good friend and Spore art director¬†Ocean Quigley tells me I shouldn’t call it “the bookshelf mission” because that doesn’t sound very cool and spy-like. If that bothers you, you can call it “the […]

Lost in the 4th Dimension…

Most indie game developers I know do “indie game work days”, where one or more people will get together at somebody’s house or a coffee shop to work on their individual games in parallel.¬† Some people call this “co-working”, I guess. Today, Marc ten Bosch is over at my place, and is working on new […]